Testers wanted! Final test demo! (update)


I’m not sure why you need a prep screen in the first place. Can’t you just not have one?

Once again, I agree with @Umbra.

Also, I don’t mean to be overly-harsh with my feedback. Do know that any testing/beta version of a ROM needs improvement. It’s the debugging/testing phase that can make a project great.


need the prep screen because it would really suck the item you need is on another character and you didn’t do inventory management. got a work around in mind.

I’m committing to the maze filled with traps concept however others have pointed out there could be more added to give the player more to do while navigating the maze.

I enjoy the feedback no matter how harsh because to me that means the hack has potential. It motivates me to make it better. No feedback tells me the hack is so bad that its not even worth discussing and I usually trash thoses.


Dude your second chapter just needs a little reform is all, I believe that with the foundation you’ve already created for the chapter you won’t be able to make it work, I’ve just yet to see such a thing work in a Fire Emblem game but if you just redesigned the map by making it less of a maze and more of a dungeon and re-invented the chapter to make it work for Fire Emblem, as a puzzle and primarily for ragefest it would be truly great, you won’t even have to do much, the story is great, the enemy works and you have a solid template for the sort of map that you would use, just make it less of a maze and more of a puzzle using the methods I mentioned previously. Also maybe make it so that you have to find the items you need to survive such as torches and healing items, that would add another dimension to the gameplay as opposed to just getting them all at the start.

And there’s nothing wrong with changing your ideas when they don’t work like you intended them to, that’s just how things evolve and develop so don’t limit yourself by sticking to the same idea no matter what.


I given some serious thought on my response to this. I agree 120% on changing the chapter if it isn’t working, however I am not making it into a dungeon like puzzle for these reasons:

  • I have no desire to make that and I feel like that has been done to nearly the point of saturation. If I make it, it will be boring because it won’t be made with any passion.

  • Never seen saw, plus that kind of puzzle assumes marc has to be in on what I am referencing which I feel is a flaw in game design. Marc may be the one playing it but he is not the only one so the game should not be so alienating.

  • A battle of wits with marc at this point is getting old to me. Dude has proven himself enough to show he is good at fire emblem and a solid problem solver. My design philosophy this time of round is to give him/everyone solid challenges to flex and sharpen those skills each and every time they play this hack.

Now as for the overall goal for chapter 2, the challenge is the map itself. I want to make the map every bit as challenging as fighting enemies in this game. This chapter is a bit of a cooldown chapter because of my plans for the chapter 3 boss fight.

Now for a testing update.

Chapter 1 demo v1.1

What has been improved:

  • music changes when entering houses

  • Enemies buffed across the board, player units are balanced around 130 BST while Sentinel is Balanced around 140 BST

  • Enemy Hit rates

  • The time it takes to flood.

  • Village no longer closes early

  • Shops have better Items in it.

  • Enemy Placement

What I want to know:

  • Can you beat it and how

  • If you can’t beat it, why?

  • How many times you get a game over

  • Who keeps dying

  • Can you do it deathless

  • Were you able to visit the shop?

  • Were you able to visit the village?

  • Thoughts on the boss

  • Overall opinion of the gameplay and gameplay only. (memes and jokes will be added later in 1.2)

Ignore chapter 2 for now, will be overhauled.


Honestly, I think hit rates are worse. I feel like all of the nomads have 40-60 hit rates when before, they were closer to 60-70. It’s less predictable now and more luck-based. You can usually expect what’s going to happen in a 60-70, but in the 40-60 rage, you have no idea what’s going to happen.

It’s also pretty frustrating when your only healer gets doubled by all of the nomads who can move way more than you in the rain. You don’t have enough units to form a blockade so your weaker units can hide behind it. Plus, three of your units you have would go behind the blockade, and the general who would be the best player for a blockade can’t keep up.
You badly need to boost the health of the sniper and the valkyrie. I often was stuck in the range of the nomads and the sniper and valkyrie kept getting two-hit.
I was able to get to the shops, but nothing after that. I was forced to bank on nomads missing with their 40-60 hit rates.
I was not able to make it to the boss. I gave up after three game-overs.

The nomads’ movement in the rain needs to be reduced a bit.
Increase the health of the sniper and valkyrie.
Enemy hit rates are even worse than before, and the silver/brave bows do too much damage against the low-health player units.
Shop items are unredeeming. I wish they were better.
Is the troubadour supposed to loot the village?
The general is still pretty useless in the rain. I’d give him one more movement. Maybe change his class.
To help fight the nomads, I would give the hero a hand axe.


Noted, ty for the feedback.

Next plans for next release:

  • story for chapter 2 added
  • chapter 2 redone with more complex traps that do not cause glitches
  • minor fixes to chapter 1 story
  • chapter 3 added with boss and the end of act 1

should be released before november.


Woo boy these past few weeks have really pissed me off. Finished polishing chapter 1(not to mention finally beat it too). This is the final chapter 1 demo and if I get no feedback in a week, I am going to go ahead with my plan and release chapter 1 officially.

Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HGOCYNdHmFAJlBWpjTB5Q7uIRV-tH9-5

What has changed:

  • More jokes/dialogue have been added
  • Stats have been tweaked and enemies repositioned.
  • Player has more tools, shops also give more tools if you play wisely
  • Storm Armor

What is left

  • custom music, learning how to do this so bear with the regular music for now
  • portraits may get redone under my new system. yes most of the portraits are very old.
  • Ending scene dialogue. maybe.

What I already know:

  • luna’s spawn point problem. can’t find a fix for it but whatever, gameplay still works.
  • Enemy hit rates, they are mostly based around Marc. Clair and Lyra are suppose to have more dodge while Broh/Kaiden are suppose to get hit more often.

What I would like to know:

  • Can you beat it
    - Yes, how?
    - No, why?

  • How hard is the chapter?
    - Fun hard or tedious hard?
    - Why?

  • Overall enjoyment

Again, if I don’t hear anything in 1 week, going to assume it’s the greatest chapter of all time and moving on to chapter 2.

Edit: also have previews


Been awhile but I have been scripting and cramming a lot of bad jokes in chapter 2 as well as fixing the level design. Now it is finally ready to be tested.

RFV? demo v.2

Things I already know:

  • music, no music changes, that will be done towards the end. need to get this out and tested while I am busy for the next few days.

  • not being as good as chapter 1. that is the point, giving the player a bit of a breather before I ramp things over 1000.

Things I want to know:

  • Did midas ever kill you?

  • Did the map itself ever kill you?

  • Did you feel if the maze gave you enough time to get what you needed to get?

  • How you feel about the gimmick of this chapter.

Once again, thank you for your help.



cant download
page says “The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.”


Try this one

RFV demo 2


Ragefest Gaiden

Final demo, not much changes but just needs to be tested one last time before I ship it off.

This is my last submission to the contest. I so over this and want this to be over. So only 2 chapters instead of 3 like I planned. For all the testers I will give them credit in game before I ship this off. If you do not want to be mentioned let me know.