Tellius Fixed Growths

Would it be possible to make a fixed growths mode for the tellius games. Not the weird point system “fixed” that Fe9 has, I’m referring to the fixed mode that engage has and even the gba games get through patches.

Engage uses a combination of class and character growth rates, but to my knowledge it works exactly the same as tellius.

I’m not sure how you would have a fixed growth system without fixed levels, which come from using growths as a counter; confused why you consider it weird. Otherwise it’s just random.

I’m not an expert, but FE9 had a system where growths were raised or lowered depending on what weapon a unit had equipped and what the class of the enemy defeated was when a unit leveled up. It sounds almost like Pokemon EVs. I remember the Nintendo Power Player’s Guide giving a vague explanation and a chart with plus and minus signs instead of the actual values.


That sounds… Needlessly complicated for a fixed growth mode lol

Yeah you can see the details here:

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Engage keeps it as simple as possible. (All three gba games with the fixed growths patch use this exact system btw) Everyone starts with “50 points” in everyone’s stat. Every level up, you add up that persons growth percentage. So you hit all your averages rounded up. The other guy described how they work in FE9 quite well. It’s influenced by your character, the weapon you use and the enemy you defeated. So it is “fixed growths” but not unless you have a pen and paper and know the modifiers for all weapons and classes.

Yeah, I’ve never enabled it because it looked like it would turn the game into a micromanagement nightmare.