Tell me your FE _____ takes

Title says it all. Drop your FE hot takes like its Forblaze.

Did Nergal do nothing wrong? Is Meg actually overpowered? Should Short Bows be 1-2 range?

I wanna know, tell me FEU!


I would love it if more games implemented the multi-army perspective narrative from Radiant Dawn. To me the only issue I see there is the power imbalance, but that’s easily fixable.


Genealogy bad
Kaga rarely had good ideas
Awakening’s hardest difficulty wasn’t playtested
weapon durability good
money is important
L’arachel isn’t that bad
Innes is good
Ewan is more useful as a meatshield for his joining chapter than as a unit the whole game
Marisa isn’t awful
Three Houses is one of the best fire emblem games
Byleth isn’t a bad character
DS Emblem was peak Fire Emblem
the strength / magic split was one of the worst design choices in the history of fire emblem


my hot take is that fire emblem is pretty good

also Micaiah is the best lord don’t fuckin’ @ me

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So many of these aren’t even hot takes though


that can be debated, I’ve seen people say the opposite of all of the things I’ve listed at least a few times

I don’t usually advocate permanently banning people with the wrong opinions, BUT


FE11 is one of the best games in the franchise.
FE11 Cord is pretty alright.
SOV Maps aren’t a big deal outside of the swamps.
FE7 is an E tier game, I’d only rank Rev below it.


FE5’s event engine is the best.


Dem’s fighting words

Three Houses storytelling sucks.


you were so close
you were so close to a revolution

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Put FE6 below Rev and i’m with you.

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  • Birthright is the best Fates path. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t (CQ promised good gameplay, don’t see that. Don’t see Rev’s good storytelling either.) as well as just having more meaning to me personally.
  • FE12’s design philosophy is horrible. No seriously, who thought that offense on everything with a pulse was a good idea? It leads to stuff like enemy generals having more speed than defense on Maniac, not to mention that balance starts falling off after H1. At least with FE11 only the first 3 chapters are painful, whereas the entirety of FE12 is.
  • 3H’s support system was great. Maybe the supports themselves could be more sensible, with some character development in other supports being ignored, but I think the + rank supports are a great way to carry things over from a conversation if they need to be used again in short notice. Also I think the 2 part supports are a cool way to allow characters that ordinarily wouldn’t interact do so, but not outlive their novelty.
  • Sacae is the superior FE6 route. The maps are more free to move around (Ilia’s maps are rather restrictive with terrain) which is something I feel goes underappreciated. Sure, the bosses are painful to hit, but I’d take dodgy bosses over claustrophobic maps.
  • Jugdral crits are better than crits from the rest of the series. It makes them feel like they are powerful hits, as well as giving classes like Swordmasters a way to deal with high defense enemies like Fortress Knights where they otherwise wouldn’t. (Jugdral crits are 2Atk-Def instead of 3Dmg.
  • Kane in FE5 is honestly a decent unit. The enemies in chapter 9 are a great point to train him up and it doesn’t take all that much effort to get him up to speed with the rest of the army. His stats are decent and his weapon ranks aren’t the worst.
  • Dex is a better name than Skill. It just fits better.

Especially since we have Skills that are separate from Skill.

  • 3H is as bad as Revelation when you look at the whole thing
  • Kaga quitting IS was probably a good decision for him since it produced Berwick and Vestaria
  • Genealogy maps aren’t boring or taking too long to progress
  • Sacred Stone is better than what people think
  • Fates characters are better written than what people think
  • Roy is better than what people think
  • Making every unit viable is probably one of the worst thing to do for a game about permadeath and replacements
  • Stat inflation is fun to deal against along with broken skills
  • Enemy Phase-oriented gameplay or unit is extremely not fun
  • Armored units are better than what people think
  • Battalion and Combat Arts are some of the worst addition to the game, especially Combat Arts since 99% of the enemies can’t utilize them, which gives player too many advantage
  • Fog of War is probably the only time enemy phase-oriented map can be justified and is one of my favorite quirks when it comes to map design
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Oooooh boy, I’ve got a lot to say… time to spit some potential heat; In chronological order of when the game’s released.

The First One

-FE1’s Title Theme is easily the best in the series. It’s timeless.
-Adding in Divine Pulse in the Re-release made the game worse. Speed up was good though.
-Camus being loyal and not yielding and joining Marth was a good decision.
-Gharnef should have been the final boss, not Medeus.


-Gaiden’s hilarious mediocrity makes it really enjoyable (so long as you speed it up)
-There will never be a jagen as effective as the Lightning Sword.

Mystery of the Emblem

-Dismounting, in every game it’s in, although logical… really isn’t a fun mechanic and I’m glad it hasn’t ever returned since Thracia.
-The Transformation mechanic on the other hand, was fun.


-Critical being a skill in Genealogy, instead of being innate was a brilliant decision.
-Genealogy’s large maps aren’t actually that bad, and Jamke can be good.

Thracia 776

-Thracia is just a massive mis-match of mechanics Kaga had stored up in his bucket list of ideas (still fun though).
-The B Route is more fun then the A Route.

Binding Blade

-Ilia isn’t better than Sacae, it just replaces frustration with tedium.
-Narcian is a better antagonist than Zephiel AND Idunn.
-Hugh is significantly better than people give him credit for… you just gotta use the underflow glitch kappa.

Blazing Sword

-A story can be fun and still be bad, and FE7’s story is the perfect example of that.
-Protecting and deploying the convoy was a fun mechanic. I’m sad it hasn’t returned.
-Legault best man, and Fiora best girl.
-I actually like Karel more in FE7 than in FE6. Bite me.

Sacred Stones

-Sacred Stones is the best out of the GBA games, yes, even with it’s… questionable maps (looking at you Darkling Woods)
-Creature Campaign was fun and I wished there were most postgames like it.
-I want a redemption arc for Gheb.

Path of Radiance

-The Black Knight is better here than in Radiant Dawn.
-Path of Radiance’s support system, while fine, is really clunky imo.
-Maniac mode in Path of Radiance fucking sucks, I’m so happy it was removed outside of Japan.

Radiant Dawn

-Radiant Dawn’s story is… pretty bad.
-I don’t hate Hard Mode removing the Weapon Triangle.
-Micaiah and Sothe being the game’s implied OTP will never not be gross to me.

Shadow Dragon

-Reclassing was a mistake.
-Gharnef is a really slept on villain and he deserves more respect than he gets.

New Mystery of the Emblem

-The new villains added are actually pretty good, and since they already retconned Kris in, they should have just made them a part of the main story, instead of relegating them into Gaiden Chapters.
-Once again… reclassing, was a mistake.


-Gangrel is a great antagonist. Sympathetic villains are cool and I understand why people want them, but voraciously evil ones such as Gangrel have their place and they’re really fun when done right.
-The Support System peaked in this game, and it’s got the best collected cast of characters in the series.


-Skill Emblem is really fun, even though it’s clearly not for everyone.
-No Weapon Durability made this game better (still prefer having durability overall though).
-Getting the Boots instead of Shura is not a good deal unless you know exactly what you’re doing. The dude is really good, really versatile, and come on… he’s a cool ass sniper Grandpa… who doesn’t want a cool ass sniper Grandpa?
-Birthright’s story is actually worse than Conquests.
-Remember the Takumi skit videos from like 4 years ago? Yeah they weren’t ever funny.
-I’m glad the face petting sim got removed in Western releases.
-Fates Capturing makes the game so much more fun… Oh, and Haitaka is a really really REALLY good unit.

Shadows of Valentia

-Berkut is the best Fire Emblem Antagonist. There is no but, or “in the insert word here”, He just is.
-The gameplay system is amazing, it’s just a shame the maps are… less than stellar.
-Celica is a good character and her decisions make sense given her circumstances… mostly.

Three Houses (contains some spoilers)

-Three House’s cast is really, really good, and there’s bound to be at least one character you’ll really like, if not multiple.
-While it sucks that the routes are all so similar to each other, it’s not as much of an issue as some make it out to be (apart from Silver Snow what even is that crap?)
-Edelgard is a great antagonist… just not a good protagonist.
-I don’t care what anyone says the timeskip was HELLA HYPE
-Dimitri’s character development wasn’t rushed and he’s an amazing character. Sometimes a bit clumsily structured, but he’s still one of the best lord’s in the franchise.
-Claude would make an amazing Shonen Protagonist.
-Sothis not returning after the timeskip made me sad. She’s cool.

Heroes (yes, I am including this)

-This gameplay system is actually pretty good… shame it’s a gacha game.
-I’m happy the game exists purely because of the art.
-Lif is a good antagonist.

Rom Hacks / Fan Games

-The Last Promise, even now, is an impressive hack. It’s aged a bit, but it’s still something everyone in the community should play at least once. Same for Elibean Nights.
-Vision Quest could have been good, buuuuut… it needed more Chickens. (JK, hack good).
-Souls of the Forest kicks your ass in just the right way.

Oh, and most importantly of all… All of the FE Games (Yes, even Revelations to some extent… as much as I don’t want to admit,) are good, y’all are just mean.


By the orders of the Emperor’s Holy Inquisition I hereby sentence you to death for crimes against Mankind.

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  • Pant-less Marth is Marth’s best design
  • Jugdrall FE games (4 and 5) are boring
  • There is little reason to return to FE6 after playing Project Ember
  • FE7 and FE8 are both very solid games despite their low difficulties
  • Blazing Sword, Tellius Games and Echoes/Valentia have the best cast of characters
  • Shadow Dragon is underrated
  • New Mystery isn’t all that fun to play
  • I like Female Robin and Chrome’s support conversations
  • Conquest and Echoes are top tier games
  • I actually like Edelgard
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