Tear Ring Saga GBA Idea

I’ve been playing Tear Ring Saga recently and it got me thinking what it would be like on something like GBA so I think it would be a unique idea, or least an unpopular idea since I haven’t seen any ideas like this as far I know. Thing is I’m only one guy and a project like this could take an extremely long time with only me so I’d like to hear what the community thinks of this idea! If people like the idea then I’d love to try implement an idea like that, of course there are many things needed like Portraits, Music, Animations, etc so if anyone is interested in helping then feel free to let me know! I may not be the greatest at rom hacking but I would still want to at least try.


I actually had a plan to at some point, port it to Fexna/Tactile. But I still need to finish with my project first.

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I’d love to see it in gba since it has world map just the like the sacred stones i think it would be fair to do it in fe8

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