Tear Ring Saga battle/map animation sprite rips and other questions?

Has anyone ever found a way to cleanly rip battle and map sprites from the PSX game, TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga? On a similar note, is it currently possible to add additional sprites to the game?

I want to know for commission purposes.

I’ve used jPSXdec to rip map sprites, portraits, chapter title cards, etc. I know nothing about inserting custom ones, however.

unfortunately this program can’t find the battle sprites, as far as I’ve messed with it

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Ah I see.

How are the map animations organized, are the weapon map sprites kept separate from the class map animations, this is excluding idle and moving map animations, of course?

I wanna know how easy it would be, to like say, alter Iron/Great Knight’s map sprite’s atttack/dodge animation of swinging a sword by replacing it with an axe?

I believe there’s a TRS patch that changes map/battle palettes, though thats not quite the same thing as adding new sprites, altogether.

Found the patch. I wonder if they’re still hacking the game?