Team "The Golden Knight" Q&A - Always Open


Hi everyone,
Since our boy @RobertFPY got a health issue and project “Fire Emblem Tales of the Golden Knight” withdraw from this year FEE3, team The Golden Knight is quite free as this moment.
So I want to make a topic for everyone to come and chit chat, maybe asking team The Golden Knight anythings you like.
So, just ask. We are not gonna bite you :slight_smile:


Is this going to be similar to a Horse Emblem?

Is Camus’ mug gonna get better?

Are you using the Gold Knight animation for Camus anytime soon?

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Well, there will be around 5-6 character with Paladin class and 2-3 with horse-mounted class. But with the number of character is around nearly 40, that won’t be too much.

Yes. All of the mugs will be remade in the next patch. Except for Murdock since his face doesn’t change much from Blazing Blade to Binding Blade.

Yes. We do have Camus’s unique animation as a Paladin, so why not Camus’s unique animation as Golden Knight. Our animator is working on it right now. There will be so many character’s unique animations in this hack, just looking for it.