Team SALVAGED Cavalier Release

Hey guys, Bluid here! I’m proud to announce the release of Team SALVAGED’s cavalier.
I’ll let the video speak for itself:

Err… we missed FEE3… Oops…
Well anyway, this is an open-source animation we started way back in 2015,
but it only really started to progress in late-2016 when we restarted the project

The animation can be downloaded here.
EDIT: Added a fix to the Lance animation’s Critical hit.

We are open to all feedback and suggestions, and have the female equivalent
more or less in the works. We’ll try to make more animations as we go.

The animation is free to use, free to modify, but if you’re willing to credit
it, credit as Team SALVAGED (yes, all capitals).


Are there new map sprites to go along with these? If so, I want to integrate them into my mount/dismounted map sprite compilation.

As a matter of fact there are!
I totally didn’t forget to include them.

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think the lance crit is missing the crit spark D:

Any chance that your also gonna make a bow cavalier?

I am in bad need of some grade A Waifus in the GBA games

Hmm, you’re right. I checked the script for the lance in comparison with the sword crit, which does have the spark.
Here’s the sword:
2 p- SwCvS\Attack\SwCvAtk03.png 2 p- SwCvS\Attack\SwCvAtk04.png 2 p- SwCvS\Attack\SwCvAtk05.png C23 C08 C1F
Here’s the lance.
2 p- LnCvS\Attack\LnCvAtk03.png 2 p- LnCvS\Attack\LnCvAtk04.png 2 p- LnCvS\Attack\LnCvAtk05p.png C08 C23 C1F
Turns out they had the same codes but in a different order, and switching C08 and C23 fixed it. Didn’t know that could make a difference.
Added the fix.

We had this concept but not much came of it. We also had an idea of revising the nomad classes, but we don’t know which would be a better idea.

Soooooo is that a no? :cry:

While it’s not a no, it’s not a maybe. I’d be down for making it. I’ll try and put some for it and see what the others can add, but no guarantees.

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Hi, I’ve been trying to insert this animation using FEBuilder, but when the Lance cavalier animation is inserted it fails. I’ve discovered that according to Usenti the pallettes for frames 0,1,4,6, and 13 all have a slightly different pallette to the rest of the frames. Is there a known fix for this, or a revised version?

EDIT: Nevermind, got the animations working. They look great!

Cross post from animations thread:

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Is the Javelin Spear animation fixed too? Edit: Your lance critical and javelin animations don’t seem to be compatible with FE6. Can you make a portable version for FE6?


That’s absolutely stunning! As someone who uses a few SALVAGED animations, the work is very well appreciated and wonderful! I’m looking forward to upgrading my animations with these.

I especially like the sheer variety of weapon options included in so many SALVAGED animations, it really makes my job so much easier when it comes to making the alternate classes. I like having options available to me so even just switching up weapon types on a cavalier is very nice to be able to do. Thanks so much for the hard work!

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There wasn’t an error to begin with? The Javelin’s Crit is handled by the spell animation, so it wasn’t affected by the error with the lance crit in the first place.

I’m glad you like it! The animations were designed to be versatile, and having the whole triangle of weapons just seemed natural.

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If I had to take a guess he means the static sound from the holycasters/lightning spells in FE6.

Aka C43 instead of a Clicking Noise in FE6 seems to be the Lightning/Hiss
It can be changed to C37 for a similar noise effect.

(This can also be applied to Paladin/Knight’s animations too for FE6)

I think I heard a weird sound when the cavalier was about to throw his Javelin in FE6.

Ah, yes. C43 isn’t present in FE6, and an electric charging sound is in its place. The animations weren’t designed with fe6 in mind.

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It’s ok. I fixed it by removing the sound effect when the cavalier raises his lance to do a range attack critical. I removed the C43 that you speak of.