Team BwdYeti Recruitment Drive

We have two threads going over at the Immortal Sword forums looking for pixel artists. We offer handsome compensation and lots of bad jokes (and maybe you’ll pick up a few plot spoilers by hanging around the dev chat???)

Post here or there or just about anywhere and then we’ll track you down and kidnap you and let Yeti brainwash you.


note that this is not code for ‘cash’

it means you get pics of myke’s face

ie; literally handsome compensation

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i don’t think id be anyone’s first choice but I’m game. mmmm, handsome compensation. . .

you act like anyone wanted anything different :U

I want Myke’s face on the ten-dollar bill. Best of both worlds.


Nah, he should replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 because it’s the denomination most frequently used for drug deals.

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