(Tactile) Rondo of Swords Conversion Remake Demo 1

Hello and welcome to my new project. A remake of Rondo of Swords. Sadly this is just a Demo and not a whole lot of stuff is polished but for what it is right now, I’m happy to release it. This demo goes up to chapter 3. The credits are in the download.

The next update will have to do with bug fixing and a slew of new / fixed up graphics.

If you’ve never played / heard of Tactile, it was known as FEXNA and you can play the makers game here: Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword

New: Now Looking for playtesters for a in between project I’m working on while I alternate working on this. If anyone’s interested join the discord and let me know.
Discord: Discord


Rondo of Swords Demo 1




As one of the few people who really enjoyed Rondo of Swords I definitely look forward to trying this. Will give it a spin!

So I gave it a go and while it definitely is faithful to the original in the map design, I think this might not be a good thing in this case. Rondo of Swords has one of the weirdest battle mechanics ever, but the maps are designed with that in mind. Using the FE mechanics instead makes the maps grind to a halt instead with each enemy being a roadblock. I have no idea if this is something that can be remedied or not, but it’s worth thinking about for sure.
Giving everyone the Pass skill could alleviate this in some sense perhaps?

In any case, I look forward to hearing more about this, and it does bring back a lot of memories :slight_smile:


Yeah, I had thought of giving everyone pass / canto + but wasn’t sure on that. Will most likely test if for the next update.

Also OP updated.