So, i was wondering with all the hacks and PMEs i wanted to know if anyone has a patch not hack but patch to add tactician in fe-6 & 8. And well i don’t like mage knight so i like his promotion the way it is. just added more bar for his promotion. Does anyone has it ? If so can i have it. Thank you

The tactician in fe7 has no real impact on gameplay (except your entered birthday gives a bonus to the same affinity units).

  • no birthday menu but you could choose the month with the lord split menu patch
  • name entry exists (called Team Name, but you can edit that graphic) and use [Tact] in your text to refer to whatever name is chosen.
  • green unit appearing for cutscenes is incredibly easy, so just load a character with the class you want and move them around

I see i will do that thanks.

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I thought the question was about FEA tactician class to be added in the game instead of mage knight

Well my friend i have clearly written fe6 and 8

Yeah but you also talked about promotion and fe7 tactician it’s even a playable class. It’s just for some events. That’s why I thought you wanted the other feA tactician

Well i got the idea of adding tactician in fe6 and 8 because of a yt marlon&louis. Who is currently developing hack called land of darkness. But in his hack tactician has tactician promotion or mage knight but the promoted tactician has that stupid skill called fury where u loose 6 hp every fight and i am not a big fan of that skill in fact i am a hater if that skill. Therefore i requested for a patch.