Tactician Data/Weather Condition/Tutorial Index/Mode

Okay, we all know what 0x0202BC18 is the start of the tactician name, but here are some more goodies:
0x202BBF8 - what ASM routines load to lead tactician data… start of the tactician struct?

0x202BC0D - Weather condition (Same as in EA definitions; 00 = clear, 01 = snow, etc)

0x202BC23 - Appears to be birth month? Byte is X1, where X is 0 for January, 1 for Feb. etc.
0x202BC24 - Gender; 00 for Male, 01 for Female. I think this is used to store more information down the line, but the LO bit is gender.

I think the LO byte of the birth month indicates whether you inputted tactician data(when starting directly in Eliwood mode) or not. (It’s 00 when you choose to not create a new tactician). A consequence of this is that you need to create a tactician in order to get the tactician stars bonus.

0x0202BC13 - Mode(i.e. 0x1 for Lyn, 0x2 for Eliwood, 0x3 for Hector). Probably known, but sticking it here anyway.

And here’s a bonus that I gleaned from just playing through the Prologue: 202BC08 – Apparently the counter for which tutorial is to be displayed next?

Bonus2: 0202BC44 seems to be counting up whenever you’re waiting on a battle window. Is it a play time counter and/or a random number seed?
Edit – AND! It changes back to whatever it was when I change it in the memory editor. What is this witchcraft!?

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it’s probably a frame counter

RNs are fixed and are stored at 0300:0000

0x081C3AC0 - Map from tactician birth month to affinities. Each month is spaced by 0x4 bytes(I presume this was because the japanese version had to account for 4 blood types).
01: Fire
02: Thunder
03: Wind
04: Ice
05: Dark
06: Light
07: Anima

I do believe that is exactly what it was for.
There was an affinity for each month for said blood types.
Like how July Blood Type O would be Ice.

Bump for new doc. Retitled to aid in searching.

0202BC00 = Money
0202BC04 = Save file number (determines which save slot to display the “chapter in-progress” scroll/quill graphic)
0202BC05 = Vision distance (00 = no fog)
0202BC06 = Chapter ID
0202BC07 = Current phase (00 = player, 40 = other/prep screen, 80 = enemy)
0202BC08 = Turn number
0202BC0A = Saved cursor coordinates (where cursor is placed when chapter is resumed)
High-order 0202BC24 + 0202BC25 = Tactician points (1 star for every 12 points)

0202BC0C flags:
0x08 = Grays out and disables the Suspend command. Help message: “You cannot stop in the middle of the tutorial.” (FE6 tutorial disables Suspend)
0x10 = Turned on at preparations. Turned off when battle begins.
0x40 = Load hard mode deployment slots and enemies. No augury in prep menu.
0x80 = Removes Fortune command from prep menu. Removes Save command from prep menu and formation menu. (similar to FE6 trial map preparations)

Adding to the 0202BC0C flags,
0x11 is displayed/used during world map events, opening_event and changes to 0x01 once the battle starts.
0x01 is displayed when there is a battle on-going.
0x21 causes the chapter name to be --EPILOGUE–(also displayed/used during the epilogue itself. However, the current chapter’s events seem to proceed normally, but the next chapter becomes the epilogue.)
0x31 does the same as above(my guess is that 0x21 are the events and 0x31 are the “world map events, opening_event, etc.” for the epilogue.)

Adding to 0202BC07:
Setting this value to a non-phase value expectedly enough causes the game to loop on a non-existent phase, but the strange part is that the game starts playing whatever song value that the byte was set to. For example, setting it to 01 would cause the game to loop on a non-existent phase while playing “Precious Things,” 02 would play “Companions,” and so forth. The graphics(the banner) are also slightly different from the other “fake” banners for the non-existent phases.

The epilogue has 0F 40 set at 0202BC06 and 0202BC07.

Not really sure if this information is useful, but I figured there would be no harm in sharing it.

Very late, but as it turns out, both the japanese version of FE7 and the US Version of FE7 use the same general structure when it comes to the affinities, just that the related code is diffrent because of the cut down list. the 3 0-bytes that are used for padding out the affinities are for some reason still read as part of the affinities themselves(so if someone wants to have way more than 9…or 900 affinities in their hack for the tactician, then they technically can as long as they know how to accomplish it)

FEBuilder really helps with figuring stuff like that out.