Sword of seals bgm kill elimnation

Does anybody know the value of the sound effect for the sword of seals (in fe7) i’m hoping to change the sound priority so it doesn’t kill the music any help would be appreciated

The reason it’s a BGM kill in FE7 is because (I’m pretty sure) it doesn’t exist. If you want it exactly the way it is in FE6, you would have to import the sound file into FE7 from FE6 into an unused sound slot.

Do you by chance know that sound value?

It seems there no FE6 sound effect list…? :thinking: At least not that I can find. I’m afraid you’d have to get out Sappy and try out sound sample values until you find that SFX… unless someone else has the sound effect list.

But here is a patch I found… It sounds promising.

It worked thank you very much

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