Supports2EA - The Buildfile Support Inserter


Supports2EA is a command-line tool that given data representing FE7 or FE8 supports converts them into an Event Assembler .event file, for the purpose of automating the tracking of all sorts of data annoying to track manually when setting up support data for a buildfile.


supports2ea input.txt characters.txt

input.txt contains the input supports script.
characters.txt contains character-relevant data automatically enumerated in the output file.
These files can be named anything you want.

The format of each line of a support script is as follows:

Character + Character {initialValue, growthValue}

Where Character is the name of a character defined in characters.txt, initialValue is the starting support level from 0-255, and growthValue is the number of support points gained each turn the units are adjacent from 0-255.

The format of characters.txt is the same as EA definitions, e.g. #define Eirika 1, so you can reuse a character definitions file used by an EA buildfile for enumeration here.

The output file will automatically create labels CharacterSupportData for each defined Character, which can be pointed to from the character table for each character’s support data. It will also expect text entries for each support conversation named with the convention CharacterCharacterCSupport, CharacterCharacterBSupport, and CharacterCharacterASupport. Duplicate pairs are excluded, and used pairs will always put the character defined earlier in characters.txt as the first character.


As always, feel free to use this thread or the issues on the GitHub repo to report any issues.


Super cool - thanks for making this.