Support Reader in prep screen

Hey I’m wondering how to activate the support reader earlier than chapter 22/23x or 24. I assumed it was a trigger so I set the id of a chapter prior to first prep screen to it but no dice. To make sure I turned on the prep screen on the chapter I used it for and lo and behold it was there.

So does anyone have any clues as to what sets it or where the table I think it uses is?

It’s tied to the Augury portrait (byte 0x82/130d of the Chapter Data Editor module). If it’s 0x41 (Nils), then it’ll display the Reading. The check is at 0x99322.

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Well shit I can’t believe I missed that.
Thanks a bunch.

Believe me, it’s not obvious in the slightest. It didn’t take long to debug, but it’s not an assumption I would have made. Don’t feel bad.