Supply Weapon Icon Palette Trouble

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Hey y’all!
So, I was messing around with FEBuilder. Learning everything there is to learn. Currently I’m learning how to replace the supply weapon icons without ruining the palette.

From this patch, you can insert and export the main supply weapon icon image:

It seems that when you insert an edited image, it messes up the palette in-game.
Currently it is a bit of a mystery of the exact reasons why it is.
If any of you guys know of a solution, do let me know down below!




What tool are you editing the image with? It could be that after editing you added or subtracted a colour or colours, resulting in a bit of a scuffed palette.

Otherwise it has to do with the order of the colours in your palette I think. Try swapping the background colour (or the colour meant to be the background) to the first position in your palette. FEBuilder will pick up that colour as the transparent one.

Hope this helps!

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I’m using a mix of MS Paint, Usenti, and Paint,net for it. I’ll try your suggestion! Thanks!

As for your suggestion, I made the first color in FEBuilder into the color I wanted invisable and it worked! However the rest of the the image palette is still messed up. I tried making the palette order for both of the images the same, but it’s still messed up. At least it’s a step in the right direction!

(FYI, paint,net uses a coma because it links to a random website for some reason if spelled properly.)

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Importing different supply icons will mess half of palette (they’re two images). You’ll have to set the other palette byb hand.

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Do you mean the images palette, or the palette within FEBuilder assigned to both of the images? (both images are assigned the same palette address btw).

The palette is indeed shared but the order of the colours in each image is different for some reason.
Basically you need to adjust the second image to have the colours in a different order so that when it’s important they get the correct assignments…

In simple words, since FEB is messing the picture, you need to mess it yourself first so that FEB unmesses it. IDK if it’s that simple of words but I cannot explain it any better.

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MS-Paint and are bad software that destroys palettes.
Do not use them.

The easiest way to isolate responsibility and investigate what is wrong is to try importing the exported image without doing anything.
If it breaks something, it is a problem on the FEBuilderGBA side.
If not, then it is a problem caused by you destroying the data.

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Ok! Got it! I’ll be sure to remedy that. Though does Usenti destroy palettes as well?


Just to be clear, you mean export the vanilla supply images, right?

Edit: Ok, I opened both of them in Usenti and made sure both of them shared the same palette order. But the same issue still persists:

Not entirely sure what to do next.

Well in FEBuilder sometimes when I try to edit some graphics with custom colors they looks completely different in game.
Even if I export the vanilla sprites and edit them they looks different in game
So I decide to not touch the palette or something similar
I realized that some graphics used a certain palette that may not fit with the one that FEBuilder tells you
So easy
I edit the sprite that have that issue and i putt all the colors of the palette I want to use In some area, just those pixels
Then I import that sprite and see how it looks in game
Then I take an screenshot of those colors in game and then just match them
Try to make your sprite with the equivalent of the real palette’s colors

I have an example around to show you better. The Affinities

The firsts are the vanilla sprites i exported from FEBuilder
The seconds are the sprites I based on
The thirds are the sprites with the palette I designed
The fourths are the sprites with the colors edited after the process I described before. Those sprites were the ones I imported
And Finally the last ones are the imported sprites in game

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It is a GBAFE specification.
There are two types of item icons: regular item icons and a palette used to display attributes.
FEBuilderGBA draws with the palette of item icons, so the attribute icons may be a different color.
This is because the game engine decides which palette to draw its icons with, and FEBuilderGBA does not know which color to use.

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export image.

Don’t do anything.

import image.

If this corrupts the data, there may be a bug in the FEBuilderGBA.

Ok, I did what you suggested, the images imported just fine. Their weren’t any palette issues with the vanilla supply images.

So FEBuilder isn’t the problem then.

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But you solved your issue?

Not yet. I haven’t touched it for a couple of days but I’ll get on it today and update on it if I must.

Ok, let’s see if I’ve got this figured out.

So, on the image of your first post, the forth row of sprites’ colors are copied from how they look in-game? So if I’ve got this figured out, you copied the colors from in-game by taking a screenshot, putting those colors from the screenshot onto the third row of sprites (Which is what the fourth row of sprites are), and importing those into FEBuilder?

Let me know if I misunderstood anything.

The forth row are the sprites with the correct colors
When you import that row you get the final row colors in game

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