Super SLG maps remade in FEGBA Style

What is Super SLG?
Basically a Game Boy Color Fire Emblem bootleg that borrows some stuff from the SNES games, and portraits from FE4 and FE5. You fight the likes of Dimaggio, Dorias, ZIGLUDO, a sage Travant, and a naga lady that wasn’t in any games at all.

What’s this post about?
To show off my attempts to reimagine, the maps of the bootleg using FE Map Creator and/or expand them… and try. The only exception is the Chapter 1 map, which is just the Talys Island from FE1.

Chapter 1
Like I mentioned before, the original was a exact copy of Ch 1 from Shadow Dragon. I gave it a new map or something…

Chapter 2
What was originally clives in the GBC Bootleg has been turned to this. It’s so bad.

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
This chapter in the original used FE1/2-like clives, so I used my imagination for replacing them in some way…

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10?
I honestly don’t remember whether this was the following chapter or no… It was composed of clives originally…

Chapter 11?
Another one of the chapters I remember while playing. Full of forests in the GBC bootleg, so I varied the terrain here…

Any commentaries and feedback are appreciated.


I’m not sure if you’re trying too hard to be faithful, but a common thing I noticed in your maps is that they fell too… square? Like, the castles are okay (although I’m not sure all the heights make sense), but I feel like there are a lot of right angles in your paths and light grass patches. There are also a few places where it looks like your cliffs are missing “connector” pieces (these are optional, but sprinkling them here and there can make cliffs feel “smoother”)

What the hell is a clive?

I assumed “clives” was meaning “cliffs”.

I have to echo Cam a bit - I am not familiar with the bootleg’s maps one iota, so, for comparison’s sake, I and likely others have no baseline to go off of. If there’s a source that has the maps, it would probably be handy to link it to give us more to go on. That said, it would also be helpful to note if you were intentionally leaving features as they were in the source maps if they go against normal GBA mapping conventions.

As of right now, there’s lots of tilespam going on (chapter 2’s forests and plains for example), lack of shading (walls, objects like pillars casting shadows, etc.), incorrect tile usage (for example, chapter 3’s walls with gaps all use the same wall top tile when the ends should be using ones that have an edge showing that they end), height issues for castle maps featuring stairs and/or walls tops with more wall below them in one spot than another), unnatural formations (straight “lines” for cliff segments, islands or landmasses that have a relatively uniform shape)…

It’s hard to go into specific detail on each map as I’m browsing via a tablet, though it might be handy to look into whatever GBA mapping tutorials are out there, either here or on SF; surely Skitty, Prime, or even Feaw made one at one point that goes into this kind of stuff.

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I like many of the ideas in these maps, but I do see many minor flaws. The most pressing I think is elevation in castles.

I was thinking of starting a thread where we could share tips on how to make maps look nice. We could share little things like how to transition from the white to the light brown parts of mountains or making sure to always texturize.

this looks promising