Super Famicom FE Map Converter

This is a TMX map converter for the Super Famicom Fire Emblem games.

Current Release: 0.2.1

There is also a web version, which can be run on any platform in a browser that supports web assembly.

As with most things, all SFC FE games store maps in different ways. I’ve hopefully covered details in the included documentation.

In general, maps should have one main layer, and then additional layers for map changes. FE4 can have some special layers to encode data about blocked tiles.

The app should be considered a beta since I haven’t got much feedback on it yet.

As of version 0.2.0, compression is done automatically.


The dimension detection for layers in FE5 without dimension properties was broken in 0.1.0.

I’ve uploaded a new release which should fix it: 0.1.1


I’ve published another release: Release 0.2.0 · RobertTheSable / sfc-mapconv · GitLab

This release adds support for compressing the exported map data.

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I realized I make a mistake in my CMake configuration which meant that fe_comp wasn’t being liinked in the way I expected. I also found a bug in the Lunar compress interface.

I’ve published a patch release to fix these issues: Release 0.2.1 · RobertTheSable / sfc-mapconv · GitLab

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I’ve compiled a web version of this, in case that’s useful to anyone.

I’ll publish another windows version if there aren’t any issues reported within a few days.

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