Summon permanent character with an item?

So I’ve been working on a hack and I have an idea comparable to the einherjar units of awakening or fates where you can summon extra permanent units however with this hack I want the player to have an item they can use once to summon a character that remains even after the chapter ends, is there any way to do this?

I am only familiar with febuilder and am not very knowledgable on asm and the like so simple explanations are appreciated!

Maybe it is possible to make a one use item that triggers an event once the player uses it? In the event you would simply have to add a “Load units and move, if player in party” thing so that the summoned character will stay in the party.

You can check if an item is used by running a check during the entire chapter by applying the patch that checks if the item is in the convoy or any player unit. If the answer is no, then the event with the summoned unit will trigger.

There are some downsides to this solution sadly. Even if the player discards the item, the event will still run as well as the player can have only one of the item at all times. That is all I can think of at the moment.

I see, this will be a little tedious to work in for every chapter the player could have the item in but this can work, discarding the item is unlikely there shouldn’t be too much of a worry there. Thank you for your suggestion.

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Project Ember did something like this with Roach I believe. He was summonable every chapter via a talk conversation, only he was a green unit. Might be an interesting reference.

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so uh I may have failed to understand exactly how to execute what you described, could you give a more detailed explanation or provide screenshots? I’m sorry for the trouble.

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I have managed to work it out.

Make sure this patch is installed. It will allow you to check every units inventory for an item. In my case this is the summoning stone. Next, set up the following event.

The event of the patch we just installed will check for an item. In my case this is item 6C Summoning stone. If the item is still in someone’s inventory, the game will run the talk conversation and it will turn off a the completion flag. I used this talk convo to see if the event worked properly when the item was in the player’s possession. I also renamed global flag 128 to “Summoning stone used flag”. This flag will be OFF if the summoning stone is still there and ON if it is used.

If the item is no longer in any player units inventory, it will summon the bishop and turn the completion flag on. This way the bishop will spawn and the event will no longer run.

The game will check every single action (of enemy, NPC and player units), if the stone still remains. I just remembered that the stone is an item, which means that thieves can steal it. The event will still be triggered, even if a thief steals it so it is best to look at the thief priority stealing editor:

I think removing it might prevent thieves from stealing it, though I am not 100% sure.

If there are any issues, let me know.


thank you so much! This was way more in depth than I expected!

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