SUMMARY OF PORTRAITS [here I will have all the portraits that I do, finish, or fix] YOU CAN ALSO SHARE

clarine1 old%20klein

Although they look like their parents when they were young jaja


Their must be someone that had hurt her love, that would make her angry.


that’s how I imagined PENT really after FE7 jajaj



test raven

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There is something in Oswin that does not convince me, but I hope to improve later

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a retouch of marcus

I like the marcus but the cape need an outline. I see nothing wrong with the Oswin.

The Raven could use some work though. His hair id to poofy at the top and his collar could use some shading. His right arm (our left) that could use some cleaning up.

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thanks for the advice, I will continue to work with them those details

You’re welcomed. Practice makes perfect.

black%20Zelgius Zelgius

I am still arranging zelgius to be able to use it optimally, this is what I have for now :slight_smile:


The bearded one looks okay, but his face is exactly the same, sans the hair. This means he doesn’t look older, with worry lines like Fado. He still has the face of a teenager.


Yes, you’re right, I think I worried a lot about his face.
I did not want it to be the same fado

thanks :smiley:

oh eirika looks great as granny :smiley:
But I think a few wrinkles below the eye would make her better. I had to zoom in a lot to notice the wrinkles near the mouth

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These mugs use uncredited parts from other artists’ work. In particular, the Lance one uses Fernand from Sacred Echoes as a base. I do not believe SE mugs are F2E even if they are now F2U.

Edit: Gamma clarified using his work is fine if asked, but uh… still need to credit original artists for spliced pieces.


Just because Sacred Echoes is publicly released doesn’t mean the assets are free to be grabbed nonchalantly.

Even though Sacred Echoes was made on FE8 engine, Gamma himself made lots of original alterations. This includes the portraits. The fact that the work is of a pre-existing character is completely irrelevant.

As per site rules, you are required to obtain permission to edit before publishing edits of existing work; this permission is distinct from permission to use the work in question.

Either find a replacement for the Fernand hair, or credit @HyperGammaSpaces for the parts you used. This should apply to all media you’re going to use from other artists in the future. Consult The Rules if you are unsure of how things work here.


There’s no need to throw a temper tantrum about it. If you don’t like the idea of respecting the hard work other people have put into their art by respecting their terms of use, then you don’t have to post here.

I think you ought to apologize.


That is the issue here, almost all the sprites for Sacred Echoes I made from scratch personally and you decided to take it and edit it without credit.


wow I didn’t know that you had made the sacred echoes, do you also work for nintendo? I mean, you only plagiarized the work of another creator in pixels, it doesn’t make you different from me, in fact I only used the fucking hair, but if that was going to cause you to bleed and have so much sand, I wouldn’t have published it.

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I see you want to do nothing but complain and go against your own stated principles here rather than behave like an adult. Go find something else to do while you’re silenced.