Strength and Magic Seperation?

I was been ROM hacking for a bit and so far I have been doing pretty good with the my project on Sacred Stones, but there is this one thing that I know about Strength and Magic stats is the fact that they are all the same thing. Only difference is that Magic is effected by Resistance and Strength is effected by Defense of the unit. Is there a way to separate the two on FEBuilder. Thanks

There is a patch you can apply to the ROM through FEBuilder, although results may be imperfect.

Send me a link to the patch

It can’t do it right now.
It will be able to do it soon.
I currently waiting for the MSS fix.

When that is done, I will make an update patch for SkillSystems.

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Thanks for the response. Work hard on it.

I don’t know the progress of MSS.
but, I think it will be updated during February.
The reason is that last time it was updated in October.
It is updated approximately every 3-4 months.