Strange Bug With Moving Map Animation

I am working with FEBuilder on Fire Emblem 8 and I have encountered a weird bug that I assume must be caused by something I’ve done. It occurs when hovering over a player controlled soldier or harbinger (by SD9000). A small shape appears in a tile diagonally downward and to the left. Additionally, I cannot seem to recreate the bug at will. It only sometimes happens when playing the rom. I am not sure if there is an easy fix, but it doesn’t seem anyone else is having this problem.

I’m pretty certain it is a reflection of the blade at the top left of the sprite, but I don’t understand why that would be happening.

Actually it’s hovering animations.
Some animations that’s very high compared to other like Pegasus Knights iirc so it takes more than 3 frames to working properly. In your case, i think the last frame in thats animations is in incorrect position. Sorry for my bad English.

Just like what StreetHero said, there is a problem with the hover animation. What you can do to fix this is import the AP from the game you got it from. It works for basically any vanilla map sprites. In this case, you’ll need to borrow the AP from the Hector GL map animation in FE7 to fix this.

Thank you so much for the help guys. I believe this fixed this issue perfectly.