Stats booster Items Module

Hi there! I wanted to share this little module of mine.
It’s my first one so it’s really basic and simple. But I guess it will be useful for lazy guys like me!

Stats booster Items editor

(Tell me if the link doesn’t work. But well, it should.)

It allows you to edit every stat that every existing Bonus Item have. From HPs to Cons and Movement.
It’s really easy to do it in HxD, but I felt like it was more handy to have it in nightmare. Hope this helps =)


Just to confirm with the peeking at the code I did here, this just changes the bytes at the “Weapon Equip Stat Boost” pointer for the stat up items, right?

Uh. Well, I picked the address at the Effectiveness in the Item editor for each concerned items. From Angelic Robe to Boots I think.
Then I just found the order the stats was put in HxD at this adress. Since the big 07 byte for the +7 hp was there…
But don’t misunderstand : My knowledge of all the stuff you put here is super low. XD

But yeah, I think you’re right.
I just did that for fun though. x)

Are you sure it’s effectiveness(0x10) and not stat bonuses pointer(0xC)?

My bad

I don’t know why I said effectiveness. Maybe because I looked at what looked like effectiveness in HxD too.

Okay, cool, then that basically confirms what I had found before. Or rather, that confirms that this works. But anyway, we know how the game determines stat up for sure now.

Yeah good job ^^
I guess it also helped a little bit if it confirmed that. Anyway, may that module help some of you!