Stat Buffers that work like hoplon guards?

So I’m making a fe8 Rom hack and I want to implement some sort of item that gives buffs if it’s in the unit’s inventory. How do I do that though? (I’m using fe builder btw)

There are patches to implement passive boost items. It’s included with SkillSystems, and there’s probably a standalone version as well

I’m kinda new to romhacking, what’s SkillSystems?

You know how modern FE games have Skills? SkillSystems is a collection of patches that adds those to FE8, along with a whole bunch of other quality-of-life stuff and extra features you can use.

Where is that exactly

If you’re using FEBuilder, patches in general can be installed by going Advanced Editors → Patch and running a searcg. SkillSys has some dedicated menus for it, though, since it’s so big and commonly-used. If you go to Advanced Editors and click Skill Config, it should prompt you with the option to install the current FEBuilder default for SkillSys.

alr i opened that, but I got anoher question. If I want an item to give a skill, how do I do that?

If you want a weapon to give a skill while it’s equipped, there should now be a spot in the item editor to assign a weapon skill, just set the skill there.

If you want an item to give stat boosts while it’s in someone’s inventory regardless of being equipped, there should now be a checkbox in the item editor for passive boosts, select that checkbox, then click the button to assign a new stat booster to that item.

If you want a consumable item that teaches a specific skill, I know skill scrolls are a thing but I haven’t looked into how to set them up myself. There is, however, an in-depth guide to the skill system here which probably has information on it:
There’s also a patch that lets you define custom events to run when you use an item if you want more complex behavior than basic skill scrolls, but that requires knowledge of eventing.

If you want an item that just gives a skill while it’s in someone’s inventory, regardless of being equipped… sorry, as far as I know that’s not an option with only the stuff in Builder.

alr ty!

Hey one more question. If I give an enemy a skill by level up, do they get that skill if they are that level?

If you give an enemy a skill by level up, they will have that skill if they are loaded at or above that level. However, a couple things to note:

  • Promoted units, both player and enemy, will only learn skills from the promoted class, not their base class. You can, however, set the promoted classes to learn the unpromoted skills right away at level 1 promoted if you want to do so.
  • On a related note, while class-based skills are just set by level 1-20 for each class regardless of being promoted, character-based skills are slightly different. Character-based skills set to be learned at levels 1-20 are learned unpromoted, while promoted units learn character-based skills set from levels 21-40 (and not those set from levels 1-20).

Okay so let’s assume I want to give the unit the skill only. If I give the unit the same skill (from level up and set skill), what would happen

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that, but what I can say is this: try it out yourself and see what happens. A bit of trial and error can go a long way, and in the process you’ll get more familiar with the tools themselves.

I am pretty sure that you can’t learn the same skill multiple times by level up unless it gets forgotten somewhere in between. I believe you can, however, have the same skill listed multiple times if it’s, say, both a level-up skill and an inherent non-level-up character skill, but I don’t think duplicate skills stack even if you do? But again, you can just try it and see what happens.

alr ty, if I have any more questions, i’ll either ask you or look at the skill activation thread.