Stan ideas

I’m going to channel my inner idea guy here and throw out a bunch of ideas I have for projects. I’m probably never gonna make most of this (I find working on stuff harder and harder to do =/) so if anybody wants to pick up something please do, I would perhaps even be willing to contribute!


  • port all EA tools (including EA itself) to a single easy to compile language (from me would be C or C++ (easier to compile) or Rust (nicer to write)) so that they don’t require a million different tools to compile.
  • Make a “better” alternative to EA for buildfiles
    • lua-based EA-like tool (“lea” trademark copyright). Could run both EA-like scripts for ease of use/port and lua scripts for more complex installers.
      • PyEA kind of serves a similar purpose but I personally don’t really like the python choice for this.
    • module-based hack injector. Apply modern PC game modding principles to rom hacking.
    • mix of the above two.
    • any alternative to EA would also need to have a lot ported to it and also good documentation and also ease of set up otherwise nobody will use it.
  • analytical randomizers that understand the data structures of the game. Could randomize generic rom hacks.
  • rom2ea. Different application of the tech needed to make analytical randomizers. Converts existing ROMs to buildfiles (EA or otherwise).
  • random hack maker. Make hacks comprised of a sequence of randomly chosed pre-built chapters with some variation and other random factors (random cast, maybe random selection of wizardry, etc).
    • blitzes are a good (“good”) source of free to use simple self-contained generic chapters that can be used for this.
  • web based stuff (web apps are great because just get the url and it runs; also cross platform native apps are hard to make)
    • web based randomizers
    • web based collaborative interactive disassembler for gba games. So we can have a community annotated disassembly that everybody can contribute to that is easier to work with than the decomps. Also generate resources (sym files, etc) from it.


  • smart disassembler for gameboy games (I have one that is almost done!).
  • web based interactive disassembler for nes or gameboy games.
  • buildfile-like tools for filesystem based games such as Gamecube/Wii/DS games.


  • public domain fe6 (either menu only or complete) translation buildfile (more flexible than existing translations which are patches) for basing rom hacks off of.
    • I have already made the supporting hack necessary to insert and display english text.
  • self-generating rom hack. Basically the random hack maker idea but as a self contained ROM rather than an external tool.
  • self-generating rom hack that generates its own chapters rather that choose from a pool. basically an implementation of “roguelike emblem”.
  • fe1 ported to gba programatically from an fe1 rom.
  • full “disassembly” of TLP. Might need to be done partially programatically to avoid permission issues relating to assets.
  • imma keep the more esoteric (read: dumber) ideas to myself for now.
  • imma keep the more esoteric (read: dumber) ideas to myself for now.

come on man you come here with some genius ideas and then just dib without telling us your best ones?

In all seriousness though i’d love to see some of the more unique projects made, or even recorded (what difficulties you came across during development, etc) into a neat little video


I’d be excited for this. Even if hardly anyone hacks FE6 anymore, having a translation buildfile would be great for what little development is going on in there

This is especially interesting to me since it would be cool to see what practices were used for EA/ASM back in the olden days. I don’t remember seeing any source code for TLP’s stuff. (I’m not even sure if it was released anywhere)

Seconding this. I’d love to see the thought process of people working on these kinds of things.

Now please excuse me. This thread caused a buildup of idea guy energy inside my brain


Library name suggestion: Lunar Brace

Stan ideas are fun ideas.


Let’s go! I’m only a novice with C, but I’d be interested in working on a project like this. I think procedurally generated maps / enemy clusters is beyond what I am capable of at this point. Maybe if/when I finish Pokemblem I’ll know enough to experiment with this on my own (if you don’t end up wanting to work on this sooner).