[SRPG Studio] [COMPLETE] Deg-Deg the Ravenous 1.1B (27 Chapters)

Hey there everyone,

This is the official thread for the completely free release of my stand-alone complete game Deg-Deg the Ravenous! Deg-Deg the Ravenous was made in three months including playtesting as a proof of concept for a large game concept I had. In it’s own right it’s a fully fledged game, and features a total overhaul of the base SRPG Studio Engine to try and close the gap between the relatively lacking base SRPG Studio, and FE Hacks.

Feel free to play on any difficulty level! The game was designed around all of them, and permadeath is completely optional.

So, what is the story of Deg-Deg? Deg-Deg is a story about goblins. Along the way you’ll gather crazy different kinds of party members from animals to mythical monsters, and see the world from the perspective of a rag-tag and brash group of goblins just looking to retrieve the crown known as the golden croc.

Download And Instructions:

  • Download Deg-Deg the Ravenous
  • Unzip Deg-Deg the Ravenous
  • Run Game.exe

If a new version comes out we’ll indicate if it’s okay to patch or needs to be standalone.

Deg-Deg Download

Join our Discord to Give Feedback: Deg-Deg Discord

Changelog 1.1B:

  • New Innate Skill for Ghoullum
  • New Innate Skill for Spederpan
  • New Innate Skill for Uglay


  • Fixed Music Error on dragon recruitment event

(This version is okay to patch over, and will not break saves.)


Deg-Deg OST

About Pan

I’m better known for being a mod-maker for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Stellaris, Victoria 2, and Darkest Hour. However, I’ve been a long time fan of SRPGs as a genre, and especially Fire Emblem! As such I thought it’d be fun to try and make my own game, and try to give back to the community with a unique product.

I’ve been an avid content creator for SRPG content, and run the SRPG Subreddit/Discord since I created them. As such it’s probably my favorite genre of games, and I’m hoping I’ve managed to distill some of the lessons and styles of play I learned from that into Deg-Deg to make it something truly unique. I’ve played through every single Fire Emblem game, every Kaga game, and around 70% of all SRPGs that exist. I’m always open to hearing more suggestions for games to try and generally happy to talk about the genre as a whole.

As far as making Deg-Deg goes the inspiration for making Deg-Deg and it’s goblin like adventure was that I noticed most SRPGs besides Disgaea just focused on human characters or largely human casts. You might have the odd monster here or there, but you’d never have a full cast along those lines and that was a big inspiration for me.

While Deg-Deg is by no means a serious story it’s set in the framework of a much larger overall story, and world that I ended up creating a long time ago back in 2005 for my Warcraft 3 Mod Conflict for Sereg Dor. Sereg Dor was fleshed out as a continent throughout five different projects, and 14 years of continuous development until Warcraft III reforged halted development. But, I thought why let my setting die in the confines of Warcraft’s rotting corpse? So, Deg-Deg is a more comical tale that I hope you all enjoy.

  • Goblins, hope you like Goblins.
  • Multiple Routes, and Route Specific Characters
  • 6 Difficulty Modes with Optional Permadeath
  • Pre-Battle Display for if Characters have Talks
  • Inbuilt UI to display Growths
  • Units that have Supports are Displayed on Map
  • All units have their own unique skills/move sets
  • There are no Weapons in Deg-Deg. Attacks are learned.
  • Wearable Items that Grant Stats
  • 38 Unique Playable Characters
  • A Focus on Making All Units Feel Useful
  • Tons of Unique Enemy Types
  • FE GBA/3DS Style UI recreated in SRPG Studio
  • Boss/Effective Enemy On Map Warnings
  • Varied Map Objectives
  • Playable Bears, Chickens, Lamias, Goblins, and more!
  • Full Original Sound Track
Recruitment Spoilers
  • Deg-Deg auto joins.
  • Pen-Pen auto joins.
  • Nev-Nev auto joins.
  • Hina is recruited by going bottom left first map with Nev-Nev and checking the dragon bones. Mutually Exclusive with Loupey in Chapter 1.
  • Loupey is recruited by opening his cage Chapter 1.
  • Drissel is recruited by recruiting him first with Nev-Nev instead of opening the box that has rawkit in Chapter 2.
  • Rawkit is recruited by opening the blue chest in Chapter 2.
  • Genevo is recruited by talking to her with Pen-Pen
  • Vran Darkhorn is recruited by talking to him in chapter 3 crypt is mutually exclusive with Vran.
  • Balus is recruited by moving the cryptstone to make progress before recruiting Vran and is mutually exclusive with Vran.
  • Joe joins if you do crypt map chapter 3.
  • Felicia joins if you do sewer map chapter 3.
  • Slurp is recruited by talking to him with Felicia. Exclusive with CAT King in Sewer.
  • CAT king is recruited by letting him die before killing Rat king. CAT king joins after.
  • Pick Treasure Vault route then talk with Genevo to get Ughlay
  • Pick Treasure Vault map and examine left most bookshelves before right bookshelves with Deg-Deg to get Spederpan
  • Pick Treasure Vault map and examine right most bookshelves before left bookshelves with Deg-Deg to get Ghoullum
  • Imic is recruited by opening the chest behind the spider mini boss in chapter 4.
  • Kuwakis is recruited by bringing Genevo to the cave in chapter 5. This kills genevo.
  • Crystal joins in Chapter 6 automatically.
  • Eunomous is recruited by going south after chapter 6, and entering the temple.
  • Wyll is recruited by going West after chapter 6.
  • Anhilda autojoins in chapter 8.
  • Bu-Bu is recruited by talking to Nev-Nev in Chapter 8
  • Angelina is recruited by talking to Pen-Pen in Chapter 8
  • Marika is recruited by going to her house in Chapter 9
  • Go to the arena in chapter 10 to get Zug-Zug.
  • Mynnerva has to be talked to by Bu-Bu in chapter 10/12/14 to be recruited.
  • Ichabod is recruited by talking with Deg-Deg in Ch12
  • Glub is recruited by talking with Ichabod in Ch12
  • Rilesia is recruited by talking to her with Nev-Nev in Ch13.
  • Rollo joins in chapter 16 by talking to Ichabod
  • Bloodclaw joins in chapter 16 by sacrificing rawkit/genevo/loupy permanently.
  • Princess joins by talking with Deg-Deg in Ch17.
  • Darkness joins by checking the bones in Ch18.
  • Shizuka joins by talking to CAT king in Ch20.
  • Yep-Yep joins by activating all 8 orbs with Nev-Nev before turn 20 in chapter 20, and before killing the goblin king. You need have to have triggered both ‘nev-nev’ specific orb events before this. Bring Bu-Bu to the map, and have Nev-Nev alive.
  • Laraphim auto joins in chapter 23.





Staff Credits:
Edward Chaney (Panfuricus): Lead
Dev/Level Design/Programming/Graphics/Testing/Writing
Sølve Furseth Dale (FlamingKlub):
MannyRhyde: Testing
CourierFive: Testing
Leche: Testing
XEkard: Testing
SSShakuras: Testing
SoupyAmpersand: Testing
Rivian: Testing

Art/Coding Credits:
Lorc: Free Icon Assets
Casper Nilsson, Daniel Cook, Rayane Félix
(RayaneFLX), Wolthera van Hövell tot Westerflier
(TheraHedwig), Hyptosis, mold, Zachariah Husiar
(Zabin), & Clint Bellanger: Statue Doodads
IndigoFenix: Jade Cyclops Doodad
ETTiNGRiNDER: Candles/Demon Statue Doodad
Blue camel village: Large weapons
ojisangame: Sprites
Thousand_Mofu2: Sprites
miyabirakuda: Sprites
Mya_4E: Sprites
JAPANweb: Sprites
ruine_game: Waterfall Tile
wiz: exp gauge progress to level plugin
RogueClaris/SapphireSoft: Level Up Messages
Goinza: Various SRPG Studio Scripts
MarkyJoe: Various SRPG Studio Scripts


In my very biased opinion this is a fairly compent FE-like game. Very refreshing to see a fresh story instead of the mod just trying to the the thracia to some other fire emblem game’s genealogy. Also goblin representation is big good.


Looks awesome! Is there any way to play fullscreen and with a physical controller?


Plug-in play works for some controllers, but some controllers we’re not tested. Also, I had to drastically change the UI away from base SRPG studio to make it closer to how FE Hacks/Later FE are so tabbing between unit tabs with a controller isn’t as functional as it is with a keyboard.

However, full screen unfortunately doesn’t quite work without modifying the ini. More of an engine limitation unfortunately. Glad you think it looks nice though. ^^


Congrats on the release of your project Pan!


Thanks RomHackist. Happy to be able to give people something to play.


This srpg has a better soundtrack given this is a free game in comparison to other games that are out there. My favorite character is the chicken :grin:


Always need more chickens in SRPGs of course.

We should be having an update out that fixes some bugs and adds a few new content pieces on Tuesday.

Recruitment spoilers

Why does the cat have to die to recruit Kuwakis cri :cry:
Rip genevo


Ah, the real answer is team diversity between playthroughs. But, I figured it was a rough choice for most players.


So, without me giving any spoilers, for the one character you can recruit in chapter 16, do you need to have all 3 characters alive to recruit them, or just one of them?


All 3 have to be alive by then tyler. Hope that helps.


One more thing, on chapter 20, I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or if I’m doing something wrong, but it’s not letting me talk to one recruitable character, and it’s not letting me activate the orbs for the other


Only Nev-Nev can activate orbs. Shizuka is recruitable by CAT king. If it’s not working you might be on the older build. Just download the current build and overwrite your existing files.


The only thing this needs is more happy goblin statues (or jade cyclops statues if you wanna be boring about it) and memes. Maybe some balance updates, but only if it’s what kaga intended.


New Deg-Deg version out now! Check first topic for changelog. But, here’s a patch trailer. Deg Deg the Ravenous 1.1 - YouTube


Panfuricus will try to update it once a month. Same FE forum, same deg deg channel


Should be compiling a list of changes, and overhauls to some stuff for an end of the month patch. If anyone has any suggestions feel free.

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This is secretly a meme game. No, but really it looks and plays super good. I would suggest it for sure for anyone who likes Fire Emblem and similar style SRPGs. I am maybe a bit biased cause I know Pan and have for a while. :eyes: :smiley:

Anyway new should for sure check it out!


Pushed out version 1.1B it’s mostly just some new innates for the 3 newer characters from 1.1 to make them a little bit more on par with older more developed characters. Fixed a music error in one of the events too. I haven’t found too many errors or bugs since that point.

As always feel free to report any feedback here or on the discord!