Spriting is sexciting


Ehem… I notice that the lastest post in this thread is quite a few months old, I hope that I’m not causing any trouble doing this:
Basically, I’ve been trying to get this portrait working for a few days now, but I have two mayor problems with it, said problems being the eyes and the hair, as you will see in the pics, my portrait is currently a Myrrh modified to look more like a morph, but the light color of morph eyes makes them look weird when contrasting against the outline color in the irises, I’ve also been trying to get some work going on the hair to make it look more like a specific haircut which I will reference as well, but I don’t know how to go about it anymore, if you could really help me with these things I would appreciate it.
Here’s two versions of the portrait as I tried working with it, feel free to use the one you feel more comfortable with:

Here’s also the Hairstyle I wish to achieve in the portrait:

Thank you for your help.


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