Sprites, I guess

Did this Roy rework. Let me know what you think.


i guess

If I can sound like an idiot for a second, what’s with that sword? It looks kind of like it has a nagel but it appears to be pointed inwards towards Roy which makes no sense whatsoever.

He also seems kinda awkwardly skinny in some frames but as a teenager maybe that’s intentional. Otherwise pretty cool.

The sword is just an anime design but as for skinny teenager, well…he is a teenager. All i did was make his body in line with other sprites. Original roy was so thick that it stood out, so i brought it in line with the others.

eirika roy, noice.

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Looks clean. I think I still prefer the original Roy hair as it just has more character? But the body definitely looks better. Colors are nice too. :smiley:

The original battle sprite’s hair was modeled after an old design where he had a lot more JRPG spiky hair than in his final portrait, though.