Sprite sheets need finishing off

So, I have a set of sprite sheets, and a mug that need finishing off so that they are prepared for use with LT/FEBuilder. I would prefer if it was a request over a comission as I am a bit poor at the moment but I am not opposed to a commission depending on price.

A list of what is missing:

  • Crit animations
  • Dodge Animations
  • Bard Harp animations
  • Blinking and talking animations
  • preparing them for importation into LT/FEBuilder aka formatting them.

I would seriously owe someone big time if they could do this! Hit me up either here or pm me. I will share the spirtes on request.

Edit: I can be contacted on discord as well: Starlit#6368

dm me with the sprites you have

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I have dmed you on discord or at least whom I thinks is you