[SPOILERS] Who watched Avengers Endgame?


I thought I would make a topic for this movie. Just saw it.

Nonspoilers: I thought it was even better than Infinity War, perfectly paced, and basically the best movie I’ve ever seen. Twists and turns that all felt earned.

If Infinity War was 10/10, Endgame was 11/10. Just my opinion.


Captain America getting Thor’s hammer was by far the best scene in the movie. Thanos headbutting Captain Marvel only for her to not budge an inch was a close second. Thor’s beer-belly was probably third place. Strong honorary mentions to every other scene, but I really liked Captain America’s past self saying “I could do this all day” and his future self going “Yeah, yeah.”

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Really good movie overall, despite plot holes and obvious fan service moments. I still can’t believe Tony, as a simple human, could use the infinity gauntlet with all the gems and snap his fingers. Remember in guardians of the galaxy 1 when all of them were needed just not to be obliterated by the power of one gem? And yes, Thor’s beer-belly and Fortnite toxicity were hilarious.


Good use of spoiler tags there, bro.


I think the biggest most jarring plothole was… why did Tony need to make a new Stark Tech infinity gauntlet? How in the fuck did it work when we spent a whole movie establishing only that one sunbase installation could craft a material durable enough to handle the infinity stones? BETTER YET, why not just say that after taking off Thanos’s arm and beheading him, they still had the original infinity gauntlet and the stones would still work in it? After a 5 year timelapse, why not say they had already made another, if the original gauntlet wasn’t functional? Who came up with this part of the story?!


The original was burnt and fused onto Thanos’ arm due to not being able to contain the power from using it. Considering it was made from Dwavern materials and techniques, probably just better off making a new one.

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Right, that’s a retroactive explanation. That’s your headcanon, since it was never explained in the movie.

A more likely explanation is that the filmmakers wrote themselves into a hole and didn’t have a way to fix this, rather large, gaping issue.


They literally show a burnt infinity gauntlet that’s fused into Thanos’ skin. Heck, if it wasn’t fused into his arm, he’d at least take it off because he doesn’t need to wear it but the fact that he still does is plenty of evidence to suggest that it was burnt into his arm.


Yeah, Thanos literally called it temptation, and took off the rest of his armor. He would have taken it off if he could.

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Also, the movie was really fucking good, even though I had some issues with it. (Prof Hulk, thicc Thor, Hawkeye’s revenge quest, Black Widow being the one to die)

I’d probably put it below Ragnarok and Civil War.


Not sure if I really would’ve wanted Hawkeye to die however, considering he has his immediate family to look after as well and Black Widow really only has the Avengers. She has less to lose here and it makes sense she’d sacrifice herself over the prospect of Hawkeye’s family losing their dad rather than letting him go ahead. I’m not too sure who else they could’ve sent to be sacrificed.


It makes sense in-universe, but I feel like it would be better for the universe going forward for her to stick around. Hawkeye’s death would be a good way to redeem him from the weeaboo punisher thing he had going on. Hawkeye’s my favorite Avenger, but his time came and went a long time ago.


I agree to some extent because Black Widow gave the MCU a really unique dynamic and perspective and it’s a shame we lost another female character since they’re not exactly in high supply if you want to adapt straight from the comics. As for Hawkeye’s redemption, I think helping to bring back trillions of people from being turned to dust is probably redemption in itself anyway.


I hesitate to call it fridging, but it really does feel like it. That panning shot of all the female heroes was not good either, it just brought attention to the fact that they just killed off their most popular female hero right before she got her own (albeit prequel) solo movie.


Yeah I do agree it felt really close to it but at the same time I’m reluctant to call it so because it was sort of pre destined to happen in Endgame anyway after the events of Infinity War, really can’t think of who else would’ve been a fitting sacrifice considering how the teams were split.


For a bit Captain America beat up Thanos and after the big battle he went back in time to beat up some pussy
One of the few Marvel movies and only Avengers movies I actually watched


You guys seem to be ignoring the fact that I gave two possible explanations.

Furthermore… it’s literally a choice made by the filmmakers to ‘fuse’ the infinity gauntlet onto Thanos’s arm. With the power of the backspace button, it could have very easily been preserved somewhere, minus his arm. Also, are we really saying that just because Thanos’s arm got fused into it, the world’s greatest inventor, tony stark, could not have purged the gauntlet of biological matter, allowing someone else like Hulk to use it?

Better idea: Don’t have the arm get fused inside, just say the golden gauntlet is still there and can be used for the infinity stones again, rather than making Tony create a new infinity gauntlet out of materials that were actually established as being unable to contain the stones. Not only in the comics, but in the preceding movie!

It’s a huge gaping plothole. It didn’t have to be there, other than, I guess, to sell new toys. :roll_eyes:

Oh, and don’t forget that I also said since there was a five year gap, the movie could have also explained it as maybe Tony had the sun-dwarf guy make a new infinity gauntlet as part of holding out hope… or something. Maybe not even Tony, but someone else. Hell, maybe the dwarf guy made it on his own accord, found out about the plans to bring the stones back and unsnap people, so he shows up with it. That would still be more plausible than, “Yo, I made a new gauntlet out of ordinary earth materials.”

The only other possibility is that Stark’s gauntlet is made out of something like Vibranium. If that’s the case, then why not give a throwaway line to explain it?

It’s a shining example of lazy directing.


Assuming it uses the same tech as his suit is explained to in Infinity War (nanomachines son) Stark’s gauntlet is essentially whatever shape or composition it wants to be, as is evidenced by it changing to accommodate Hulk’s larger arm. But yes, there isn’t an explanation given in the film itself for this, just assumptions that can be drawn given explanations of other related things.

Side note, biggest missed opportunity is him giving Cap his nanomachine receptable and Cap never wearing an Iron Man suit