[SPOILERS] Fire Emblem: Three Houses LEAKS

So, I was recently exposed to the fact that there is a somewhat credible leaker who claims to have an informant sharing information about FE16 with them. One of the character names that was leaked in advance was later confirmed by Famitsu, so take it as you will.

For those of us who choose to indulge in leaks, what are your thoughts?

I am, for the first time in a long time, actually…cautiously optimistic about a Fire Emblem game? I’m actually planning to buy this one on launch day.

The school setting being a red herring for what turns out to be a much darker narrative is vastly appreciated. I certainly feared the worst. I also really love Dimitri’s character background and storyline, so I’ll tentatively be choosing the Blue Lions on my first playthrough. An eyepatch on promotion? Hell yeah. The crest alchemy being a driving force behind the Church as an antagonist also seems interesting. At least it’s unique, so hopefully they don’t botch the execution (which, let’s face it, has been a problem for FE’s writing team in the recent past). Having four distinct paths which do not converge is also interesting.

The “more socially acceptable form of skinship” is a bit…disappointing. I’d personally rather that IS just leave that nonsense behind completely, but I understand that it has appeal to others. Gotta git those moneys.

Map design being described as “subpar” is also problematic. “More varied than Awakening and better than SoV” is basically a master class in “clearing low bars.” We’ll see how it turns out. To be honest, they haven’t made good maps in a loooooong time (FE14 Nohr is overrated; fite me). Might be time to bring some fresh blood into their level design department.

So yeah, I appreciate how much the game comes across as a grand experiment. It’s certainly different from anything that we’ve seen from this series before? Will it work? Who knows? It might crash and burn and all of us filthy “pre-FE13 elitists” will be saying “yeah, told ya so.” I hope that it succeeds, even with the silly distractions like schoolgirl waifus and fishing minigames. You can always ignore that stuff. All I want is to genuinely enjoy playing a new Fire Emblem game for the first time in years.


I’m honestly with you on the cautiously optimistic side of this game. Many of what we know sounds like a pretty good idea and it could be an amazing experience but, this is IS we’re talking about here! I want the game to be fun and since they’re keen on doing something way out there I hope it works out to help build on the franchise as well as give us and truly awesome narrative.

Isn’t this the one person that contradicted themselves a bunch regarding 3H stuff

Idk, I haven’t really been following it too closely. Just going off of what I’ve heard which is that this person might be credible but we’re still waiting for more evidence to be confirmed by official sources.

If the leaks are true, then the source would be because they we’re given to Thanibomb from playtesters of the game.

I didn’t try to pay too much attention to them because they’re so minor for the most part, but them trying to pull a Muv Luv with the Academy makes sense at least. Spending a portion of the game at an academy learning only for it to be less relevant as you’ve completed your classes and progressed with the story is pretty realistic, but with how much focus they’ve put on what you can do in the school, and Nintendo’s general philosophy of taking a single thing and then building a whole game around it makes me lean towards the leaks being only partially accurate at best.

Either way, I don’t care if the leaks are real or not. I’ve enjoyed almost every FE game (FE1 being the only exception because of how dated it is) and what I’ve seen about the game so far is enough for it to be interesting in my opinion. It just comes down to how well balanced and challenging the game play will be.

“From what I know (very little) of the story so far, I’d give it a 9. By comparison Genealogy is a 10 and Fates is a 2.”

Considering how sensitive everyone and everything are
I doubt you can make a good dramatic story with savage, based and real moments without triggering someone.

Getting 9/10 in a school setting (even as a tutorial) is hard to believe.

Also the ESRB rating is currently rated T.
I would believe the leaker if the rating was M.

You don’t need blood and gore to get that story impact. As long as we have no nudity, blood and extreme language content the rating can stay T and we can still have everyone die. Anything is possible at this point.


The last good FE game was FE10.

Awakening was fun in the same way that watching shitty shounen anime is also fun, but neither are good quality.


> FE10

Really makes you think

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I mean, if 3 Houses is in any way reminiscent of FE10, I’ll be ecstatic. FE10 is certainly flawed in many ways but I always have a great deal of fun with it every playthrough

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>any FE game
lmao they all suck to different degrees of bad




Calling it now, Three Houses is going to be excellent.


Came in here to agree that Conquests map design is overrated.

I’m cautiously optimistic as well. I’m expecting weak maps given how much emphasis on customization and other RPG elements there seems to be.

I’m hoping the characters are charming and have more going for them than most of the 3DS era games too.

Either way, it’s a chance to play a fire emblem game blind, which is enough for me to buy it and be excited to try it out. I’m sure I will enjoy myself even if I don’t love the game.


Time to update " Vision Quest " my friend.

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So, uh, Thanibomb confirmed legit.


leak confirmu
thank you based thanibomb

Thank Arceus the leaks were right, now I’m really interested on Three Houses.

I was right.