Split Sprite Sheet?

I have a sprite sheet that has padding between each image. I was wondering how to separate that into individual images?

Sprite sheet

Previously I’ve used GraphicsGale to split a combined image similar to this, but those images had no extra space between each sprite.

Thanks in advance if anyone can point me in the right direction! :slight_smile:

If you have a program that can separate sheets, you can use it for any kind of sheet. The problem here is these images aren’t aligned on a nice even grid as a normally usable sprite sheet would be.

However they are still aligned in columns, so what i ended up doing was cut out individual 32px wide columns and then pasting them together, then having the resulting image mechanically cropped into 32x32 squares. And, since i did that already to see if it would work, you can just use my output if you want. I’m pretty sure i didn’t cut any bits off.

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I used ImageMagick to split the icon sheet.
ImageMagick is standard command line software for batch processing of images.
It is mostly used on Linux, but it also works on Windows.
It also used backend for many web services.

However, since it is a software that can do many things, its specifications are quite difficult to understand.
I recommended that you use google to find examples and copy and paste the commands.

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