Spells Do Not Use Ranged Animations

I am working on an FE8 rom, and I have the Melee/Ranged Different - Spell Loader Patch. However, even though the ranged animation is set in the Magic Animations menu, the game always displays the melee animation.

I can’t seem to figure out what is causing this to happen. Is there an easy fix?

Below is the Report.7z

Spells always use their base animation, thus when you attack at range they look strange. The melee/ranged patch is installed and the ranged animation is set in the item animations

Because you are using SkillSystems 20220524.
This version cannot use Spell Loader because IER is in the way.
I think you probably installed it forcibly.

You can use it by updating SkillSystems to 20220703, but your ROM will not allow you to update for some reason.
If you update, you will not be able to view the menu.
Therefore, I conclude that you have to give up Spell Loader.