Specific Items

There is some way similar to FE6 in a certain chapter if you don’t have certain weapons it sends you to a different map or event but if you do have them it sends you to another event or map.
I want to make in the final chapter of FE7 if you don’t have Armads, Durandal and other items when you kill Nergal, make a scene and end the game (in a different way) but if you have these items go to another map and end the game (in a normal way).
I am using FEBuilder.

You can have it so when you pickup the item initially it turns on a Global Flag. Then when it gets to that event check if the flag is on or off.

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You can check the items using “Add Event Condition: Item Check(All units and transporters)” Patch.

NAME.en=Add Event Condition: Item Check(All units and transporters)
INFO.en=Patches the ROM with an event conditional statement that searches all player character inventories for a specific item.
item possession check extended instruction

You can get the trophy by getting all the hidden items.

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Thank you. I think that will help.

And how did I install this?

in the patches window/screen just look up that name and install it.

Thank you.

In the patch menu I only see the patch “Event Condition: Tile Change” but I don’t see the patch “Event Condition: Item Check”, I have the latest version because this happens?

Maybe you are using FE7?
This patch is for FE8.

Since FE7 differs from FE8 in the way of creating event instructions, patches cannot be simply ported.
If you really want to do it, you have to write ASM yourself.

Or, as Arcane Eli says, flag it when you get the item.
However, if you get the item with steal, you cannot build a flag.
In that case, there is no other way than writing ASM.

Oh damn, I was hoping it would work anyway (a Strategist patch for FE8 also worked for FE7), so is there a way to do this item checking in FE7?

@ArcaneEli you had mentioned that it could be done with a global flag you would be so kind to explain to me how to do that.

So whatever event you do that gives you the Armads or Durandal also turn on a global flag. So when looking through just type “flag”, click the option to turn a flag on, all the way at the bottom is like 20 or so Global Flags. And just select one and boom.

Then for the event to check if they have Armads, use the prebuild Template “t”, for checking if a flag is on or not, set it to that global flag from before and you’re done.

I’ll try