Special Notice

I guess I’ll have to get ahead of this, to what little degree that’s possible.

FEXNA was leaked by a member of the private beta. The engine is not yet ready for public release, as there are many unfinished features and editor elements, and lacking documentation. However, this is the internet, and it’d be impossible to bury.
FEXNA is out there now.
And as much as I hate to see an early, unfinished release, it’d be much worse to attempt to hide it, and have a fractured community of people using the engine but unable to discuss it or share what they’re working on.

So, FEU will be allowing discussion of the FEXNA leak and its use. I ask that for the moment you not link to the engine, but there will be no special moderator action taken to remove links.
I would ask the same of other FE sites and platforms.

For myself, at this time I won’t be providing support for how to use the engine. If it were in a ready state for people to use, I would have released it myself. However, in the near future I will be making an official release on GitHub, so that at least there aren’t concerns about downloading shady zip files. This will coincide with a project rebranding I’ve been planning for a while.