Spam that was on the dropbox topic but is about documenting assembly routines


for the master routine list, instead of using a long format like

r0 = param

why not just do something more compact and probably a lot simpler (most people reading it should have some knowledge of C) like

int getWeaponHPBonus(ItemData weapon)
Gets the HP weapon bonus; Getter HP

Unified FE Hacking Doc Dropbox

It can be beneficial to know exactly what register is what. Especially in multiple return values.


And it’s easier to write new code or modify because no one is using C to hack fe


That information would be able to be deduced from the C style prototype anyway

just learn the ABI

“multiple return values” - there aren’t any; multiple returns are handled with by-reference inputs

FE was written in C++ or similar so use that to your advantage BONUS

you have code written for a lib already once you’re done


You might as well just use IDA and a decompiler or something similar to recreate the approximate original source code :stuck_out_tongue:


you’re welcome to do that for us and paste it in a github repo