Sound Effects issues

So I am using an Apocalypse animation but the sounds aren’t working correctly even though I set it up, and after I imported to another rom, any idea why the effects are not working? Also, how do I change the map walking SFE for a class? My lord is mounted but it has the infantry SFE instead of cavalry, I need to know how to change and fix these SFE problems if I run into them in the future.

Footstep SoundEffect can be changed in the detail menu.

You can be set for each class.

However, since some classes are hard-coded, apply this patch if you want to set all the classes.

I cannot find that feature in the menu

Am I missing a patch or something, or am I just not seeing it? Can’t find

Is your FEBuilder updated? Sometimes people can’t find the feature because they’re using an outdated version.

what is the current version?


even with the update, it is still not there

Hm… that’s strange. I checked on mine, and it’s there.

is there a patch for this or no?

As far as I can see, no.

do you know the possible reason for this?

is it because it’s FE7?

Ohhh, I was assuming you were using FE8 x3

I’m unsure if there is one for FE7, since I primarily hack using FE8, and I know it better.

Ah, well, shoot, Do you know the first issue I have then? About Apocalypse?

My guess that If the sounds aren’t working(like they don’t play) is because the script is trying to call sound effects that FE7 doesn’t have. Just a guess though, I have a small amount of experience with importing spell animations, and then fixing sound effects in the script.

I’m pretty sure I put the SFE in the same slot though, and I imported it into the game using import from another game option

also, only the second SFE file actually worked 100% of the time, first one never worked, but the third one only sometimes works, is it the priority or no?

I’m unsure unfortunately. FE7 may do things differently then FE8.

Well, I appreciate you help nonetheless