Someone with knowledge on FE4 hacking, help!

So, I’ve pretty much just started and I’m already confused. I can’t edit characters, and when I put them on Dynamic in Nightmare, the game just does some weird stuff.


So Alec’s inside Arden, and Noish betrayed Sigurd.
What’s happening?

FE4 hacking isn’t really well developed here in the western community, fyi the most experienced FE4 hacker I know of is Lamia and she’s mainly active on SerenesForest

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to make Gen 1 charatcers dynamic: that’s for gen 2 children units only, who are “dynamic” because they change based on their parents, while the gen 1 characters and units like the Joha brothers and Oifey are static characters.

May I ask what you’re trying to accomplish and why you want to make gen 1 characters dynamic?

Well, changing about everything about characters. Classes, growths, holy bloods…

Well, I have realized that I am kinda retarded. You don’t need to change Character Type to Dynamic. Now excuse me while I go smack my head against a wall.

Okay, my first thing. I made Noish into a mage!