Someone can make animations base of is image

i find is in sereneforest i like but i no animator of scriter

someone can make?

I’m gonna take a guess here and say no


ok i understand

You really should ask the person who actually made them first before even trying to get someone to animate them (which is a significant effort in itself). Especially since the original spriter jpeg’ed them for this very reason, to prevent people from just using them.

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but if I can not send a message because I erased
the account sereneforest

Well that’s your problem then. Just because you can’t contact them doesn’t give you the right to use something that isn’t yours.

Instead of asking everyone to use all kinds of stuff that they’ve made or asking us or them to make additions, improvements, animations/frames, etc. to something, maybe you should try your hand at making your own needed items instead.


Oh the, irony[quote=“Dellhonne, post:5, topic:1618, full:true”]
but if I can not send a message because I erasedthe account sereneforest

you didn’t “erase your account”

Echoing glenn, try doing something on your own for once before begging everyone to do everything for you. Because you do the same exact thing every single time, are told to stop, then go and do it again.