Some Video Tutorials

As you do know I speak Spanish, I have seen a lot of people interested in romhacking within the Spanish-speaking community so I would love some advice on where I could start teaching how to use FEBuilder in some videos.


A lot of people start here:

You have my permission to dub my video if you’d like. Lmk and I can send you the mp4 file.


I would love to see more spanish content.
I would help in minor translations but I’m not sure.
Whatever, good luck with this ! :3

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Spanish vesly lol


Oh really? That would be awesome

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There is also an Spanish speaking FE forum, although, the last time I checked, it was more focused on FEH and general offtopic than in Romhacking.

The forum in question Fire Emblem Wars Of Dragons - Página principal (

Yeah I started finding information about fire emblem games in that forum it is very good for official projects with very detailed information
But it’s too poor in hacks/fangame content so I decided to move here
Also, I feel myself more comfortable here xD

I started Hacking there with 2011 tutorials, using FEEditor + Nightmare withiut knowing what I was doing was for sure a fun experience.

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Here’s the mp4 file. It’ll let you preview the video, but you can also download it off of drive. You can mute/delete the audio and then dub it.

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