Some stuff I made before

Well, I found sth I made 2 years ago and shared it here now. Not awesome things but someone may find it useful or interesting.

FE8 simplified creature campaign patch
I made that patch after clearing the main story to save my time to get the hidden characters. I prefer defeating boss to killing all enemies. BTW at that time I had no idea of EA and completed it without any tools except a hex editor.

A FE7 Spell Animation Hack
It is just an exercise.

Con growth patch for GBA FE
Con growth is only on FE5 and it is a patch for GBA FE. Considering it is made for jp rom, no value of linking it here. At that time I coded it only by a hex editor so no src file.( Even it is a pain for myself to figure out what I coded several years ago.)

My first battle animation:

In fact, it is not an actual “animation”( only one frame for testing). Who is that girl?

My first spell animation
Only for testing.

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Any chance you can figure this one out for US FE7, Misaka? I’m sure there would be a lot of people (myself included) who would pounce on the chance to use a hack like this.

I was working on doing that for FE8.
If you have a patch I can try to debug it since I have experience in translating hacks from a j rom to a u rom from reverse engineering FE Girls

FE7(US) Con Growth by MisakaMikoto
@Agro @Brendor
I spent about an hour on it tonight, and it works well on US rom now.


That is very spiff

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