Some of Nickt's FE9 and some FE10 portraits croped , im still making them so there will be alot of edits

first credit to Nickt,Ghast,Lenh,Solum,Nih,Pichu,Alpha for making these sprites and credit to my bro “Crobat,Master of Anti-Balance” for croping 98% of these i only croped Mist and Rhys (update i also did Marcian and Rening and Jill , Ilyana,Devdan ) ok every portrait after Titania is done croped by me
because these things are hard to crop i dont want anyone wanting these having a pain doing that so here have some already croped portraitsGatrie gba_179B3_Oscar_FFC394 GBA_14%400E%20Rhys_8ACD4C gba_180B4_Boyd_FFC3B0 Shinon gba_184B8_Rolf_FFC420 gba_404_Sothe_FFB070 gba_140E_Nero_018BCF9C Stefan titania_7MistMarciaReningJillIlyanaDevdanPeatriceAshnardAstrid Nepphany Lucia Ziharkboss1 boss2 boss3 boss4


can i request Jill next?

sure i will do her in about 30 minutes or 1h so wait

Jill Here you go


thank you!

Jill mini portrait is bad so here is the better wersion


update the one in the op

Could I ask for Aran’s Portrait when you get the time to do so?

just for heads up, there are lots of sprites which breach the hackbox on the right side, so you should fix it a little bit
for example: Ashnard and Petrine

Gatrie looks kinda squished though

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HOLY SHIT. I and some people are actually working on an FE9 demake and we’ve been STRUGGLING with these bad boys. Thank you for your help.

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Read the thread. They’re not spriting them, but fitting them in the hackbox. Unless somebody’s done Aran that I’m not aware of, you’re better off commissioning somebody to make him.

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some of the cropped edits, namely amelia, astrid, shinon, and a few others arent working for me, are other people experiencing this issue?

Some of those are litteraly perfect

Is it possible to make an Ashnard usable for FE Builder?

Is F2U Astrid portrait?