Some Mugs Ive Made


Hi, Ive been making Mugs for awhile now, but Ive never actually gotten out into the community with rom hacks or any biz like that, so here are some mugs ive made that Id love if I could get some creative criticism on, thank you!


Could you try and post these at 1x and 2x zoom? Also, the texel/tile map thing is kinda of distracting from the actual sprites.


Im sorry I dont know what you mean exactly
Like this?


yes, it’s much easier to see without the overlay.
to repeat what gan already said, we also recommend showing sprites at either 1x or 2x zoom.


is this better?


yeah that’s perfecto


Thanks for the input, Im trying to get into the rom hacking community so sorry for my inexperience with the norms


no problem, feel free to ask if you need anymore help


thank you!, Now I’ll reupload those mugs