Some MIDIs I've worked with

So I’ve been working with some MIDIs and thought about sharing them so here we go. I’m also sharing some videos of the MIDIs in action so you know what it sounds like without having to try 15000 songs in febuilder.

I will update this list as it grows.


Tsukihime track 8 in Fire Emblem 8 - YouTube

Moonline, Tsukihime remake in Fire Emblem 8 - YouTube

Crescent moon - Shingetsutan Tsukihime in Fire Emblem 8 - YouTube


use DirectPlayS

Well you still have to download a bunch of stuff but thanks for letting us know.

I wanted to mention that if there is an issue with one of the MIDIs, feel free to tell me.

Also, I added a new song.

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So the link appears to have died. I’ll try updating it in a bit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: Ok it should work now turns out I’m a dumbass and set the repo as private