Some image patches didn't work on FEBuilder?

I have been working on my project Wizards and Magics (YGO×FE) and I have made some custom sprites I would like to implement. But some of them didn’t work when I apply the patches. Like this one.

Any of you know how to fix it ?

Thanks for reading

! Patches StatusBackground icon_08B17864

what error message do you get when you try to import it?

Holy shit it’s Wight /Skull servant !!!
No one error sir skeleton … It just didn’t work. I open the patch
Export the picture
Edit the picture
Import the edited picture as you can see
Write the patch
And when I tested it nothing changes

Also thanks for replying me

you may want to post your problem in this thread with a report 7z, I’m not familiar with this happening sadly.
If you post some screenshots I or someone else may be able to help more though

Thanks … Also I plain to add you in my hack … I mean wight /skull servant
Ok and thanks again I will do that

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