Some FE Editing Programs Are Missing!

Right, so. A few people informed me that the links to various FE editing tools aren’t working on my website. I went to update the download links by going to this link: GBAFE Master Toolbox, but I realized that they’re also not working on this website or the other FE hacking websites!

My guess is that this is due to the recent dropbox update that removed public folders and made all dropbox links private, which changed the URLs to the downloads.

If I may ask, could the creators of these tools be informed? I know that the Tiled Map Inserter (Nintenlord) is missing, as is Zahlman’s Song Editor. There’s a few others, but… I don’t feel like listing them all. =X

You can see which links are missing by clicking the links.

Anyway uh… Just thought I’d point this out! Thanks in advance for your help!

ZSE is due for an overhaul anyway, TBH.


The Tools section of SF’s Resource Directory should have working links for direct download stuff (GBAGE, FEditor, etc).

Resources and Documentation are down still because I lack motivation and willpower


We do have a copy of Nintenlord’s stuffs in the unified folder, right? Or is some of that stuff outdated? In any case, I do personally have a few of the things he had…

Worse comes to worst, @Arch should try to summon him out of the aether and ask him to dump all the stuff on to from his dropbox in one big zip for safekeeping.

Alright. Thanks for your help, guys. Now, I’ve got one more question.

It seems to me that I’m out of date on the whole FE hacking business. My goal on my website is to only host the best possible tools. FE8’s been getting way more attention than FE7, so I’d like to start removing download links for FE7-related stuff and focus solely on FE8 so that newcomers start off by using only their best options.

What stuff should I remove? What stuff should I add?

Thanks in advance.

Keep FE7 but we have more or less informally discontinued support for it. It’s important that you keep hosting for it though as many still have FE7 projects and will need a place for it.

hack fe6


hack fe5

EDIT: more seriously, maybe adding a link to the new Ultimate Tutorial 2 in the Hacking Tutorials section, since it is FE8-centralized and covers the new “buildfile way” of doing FE hacking.

Gonna do it while I wait for Ash and Bly to help me out with my glitched FE8. ;-;

Re:FE7 stuff, I think you’re better off tucking it away in an “FE7 version” link at the end of each post or whatever. Just not including the tools will make people go looking for them in other places.