[SOLVED]Problems with World map roundabout nodes

For whatever reason I need certain world map nodes in order to go to a new one. Let me explain:
I would like to go from the node marked with red to the node marked with blue. However, when I try
to do that my character doesn’t just go straight there. Instead, I have to go through all the other nodes seen in the picture below:
These are all nodes I’d prefer not to have on the world map. If I remove them, I can’t enter the node marked with blue. Here’s how the Event Post-World Map Node looks like:

As you can see, there are plenty of locations I don’t want/need for my event. However, if I remove them or replace them with the ones I need, the world map event no longer works: I can’t enter the destination -which is the node marked with blue in the first picture- and thus start a new chapter. What gives?
I have set that node as the next destination as well:

Here’s how the node settings for the destination look like:

I have set Ch16 as the next chapter in Chapter End events too:

I don’t understand why I need all the other nodes in order to be able to go to the destination I want. Any help is appreciated. I apologize if I did poor job explaining my problem, feel free to ask if you didn’t understand something. Thanks in advance.

TLDR: I can’t go directly to the destination node I want, I need unnecessary locations, which I can’t replace or remove, to do that.

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Send report.7z to 7743 via Febuilder.

Please send report7z.
Maybe it seems like a node connection problem.
However, I cannot answer because there is not enough information.

There are two Ristior Markets.
This is due to the confluence of Eirika and Ephraim.
Eirika chooses 0x0D.
And when two brothers and sisters join, it always goes to 0x13.

Worldmap Node
0x0D Ristior Market
0x13 Ristior Market

Worldmap Node 0x15 “Ristior Aqueduct” is connected to 0x13.
0x15 Ristior Aqueduct

That is, you are at 0x0D.
So you cannot access 0x15.
This is because 0x13 is connected to 0x15.
0xD is not connected to 0x15.

Connected from Grado Castle is 0x13.
And from 0x13, you can access 0x15.
Therefore, from 0xD, it goes around the continent, moves through Grad Castle to 0x13, and then moves to 0x15.
This may seem strange, but because the nodes are connected with 0xD-> 0x13-> 0x15.

Once you know the cause, the next step is to take measures.
There are two possible solutions.

  1. Move the main character to 0x13 instead of 0xD with the WM_MOVESPRITETO_HERO command.
  2. Rewrite the road connection.

The #2 method has to be changed in various data, so it is very troublesome.
Therefore, I think it’s easier to select #1.

I modified the event using the #1 method.
I send ups to you by discord.
Refer to event 0x113DF10.

//also, Since I moved Hero to 0x13, I have replaced RoadID 0x16 on the exit road.


Thanks for your help!