[SOLVED] Mountains and Shrine map's palette is rekt ;;

Okay so, this is what I did.

Right? So I’m just inserting a map using the Bern, mountain and shrine tileset.

the map looks like this

(ty @Primefusion for the map xD)

and this is what happens in game

So as you can see, the palette got really thwomped.

I also tried reinserting the map in another location in case it got overwritten slightly, but nopee

am i missing something really obvious? I looked at the chapter data stuff for Cog of Destiny and its the same…

Please help meee ;;

re-insert the palette in a new location because you probably overwrote it

weird? I don’t ever remember writing anything close to that but I can just repoint it to that i suppoz.

i’ll see if i can figure dat out


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