[Solved] Lyn-style mode in FE8 - is it possible?

So I found out that a hack I’m editing (for personal use for now) was so complex that it actually hit the 32MB limit, and I can’t edit it any further. I thought I might use this issue and try to recreate the hack in a different game - maybe even port it to FE8. The problem is that it has a whole 14-chapter (including gaidens) Lyn Mode, with the endings and everything. Would it theoretically be possible to have a Lyn-like mode within FE8? (Note that I don’t know jack about FE8, including if there’s even a Lyn-like mode already.)

Recreating the hack in another engine would be an enormous amount of work. I’d be willing to bet that not all of those 32 mb are used.
That being said, Lyn mode recreation is, of course, possible; the endings would require a lot of work. I really really really don’t recommend doing this.

Alright. So I’ll do it in FE7 again. Thanks.

And at least according to 7743, I have used it all.

Are you using FEditor? Because FEditor is notorious for inserting infinite footers every time you save using it, being really bad about space management, and expanding your rom size to its limit over enough time.

FEBuilderGBA. Though the hack itself may have been edited using FEditor.

EDIT: Actually yeah, from what I remember the hack was made using it. So is that possible to reverse or am I recreating it fully?

You’re probably looking at recreating it fully. I don’t know how FEditor chooses to pad the end of the rom, but I know that that was the reason we switched from FE7 to FE8 in the end.

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Because you were hacking TLP instead of FE 7, existing data on TLP squeezed ROM capacity.
If you hack FE 7, you should use the Vanilla ROM of FE 7.

Yeah, that’s the plan. Though the export of the units/classes/items isn’t working when imported into FE7 Vanilla, it shouldn’t be hard to do manually.