[Solved] Is this theoretically possible?

So I’m making an edit to a ROMhack, and something I was wondering is if it’s possible to have the quicksave function act as in other games. Like, how once you load the quicksave, it gets deleted and the save returns to the beginning of the chapter. I don’t want people using savescumming (besides savestates which I can’t stop) to trivialize the hack, so I just want to know if it’s doable. Not if it’s made, but how possible it is, and maybe how hard it would be.

As far as I know, there is this feature in the debug version. The official version has been removed, but he remains in the game. I don’t know if he can still use it.

Uh… isn’t this what happens already? in GBAFE the game continues to autosave so once you’ve resumed a suspend game and made a move then you can’t undo it. the only way to redo things is to start the chapter over.

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Um…no? At least in what I’ve played, it’s quite possible to save scum like this. I quicksave, play for like 50 turns, get a game over somehow, and then I go back to my save. The only time I’ve seen it autosave is when the Game Over screen pops up. Not even when a unit dies. I’ll go back and check, but I don’t think so.

GBAFE suspend / resume system updates after every move.
If you try to reset the rom when a unit dies, when you reload you will just be greeted by them dying again.


…not what I played. I’ll double check and come back soon, but I’m just confused now.

In FE 8, there is a patch that changes AutoSave to player turn start.
With this patch, you can return to Player Turn start when you resume from suspend.

Please refer to the AutoSave patch included in FEBuilderGBA.

This patch has created by the author of FE 8 girls for FE8J.
and separated by aera.
and, I transplanted it to FE8U.

This patch changes the display of terrain to AutoSave by Option.
If you want to disable AutoSave, please Off this Option.

you can return to Player Turn start when you resume from suspend.

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This is definitely normal game function

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yeah you went back to the start of the chapter. would you prefer if it deleted your save file? You can always resume chapter, which is the quick save you are talking about, or you can restart chapter which is continuing from the last save the game offered you. So all I can get out of what you are saying is that you consider chapter saves save scumming and would rather beat all 43 potential chapters of an FE7 playthrough in one sitting, with no gameovers.


No. In the game that I played (which is a romhack but I doubt it makes a difference), you could save at any point within the chapter, even after moving a unit, play for several turns, and if you don’t like what happens, reset the game and press “Resume Chapter”, which goes to the point you saved at. If you’re correct in that it brings you back to the start of the chapter, then there’s no issue - but that’s not my experiences. I’m calling that save scumming, where you save, try a move, and if you don’t like the result, go back and try a different move. And that’s enabled in what I play.

So again, if you’re right, then there’s no problem.

why didn’t you mention you were playing a hack on the first place? which hack are you playing? it’s probably modified the save function.

Wait, so you can modify the save function? Well… okay. It’s The Last Promise. I didn’t think that it had changed the save mechanics, but if it did, then fine, my fault.

Well, it’s either that or you’ve got some weird ROM or emulator that isn’t writing saves properly.

Interestingly my repro copy of English FE6 removes this function; the cart uses flash memory and saves fairly slowly compared to a standard GBA cart, so to prevent a 3-5 second pause after every action that function no longer occurs. Is it possible that OP played TLP on a similar repro cart? Doubtful, but…

…wow. Sme was right on the money. If it’s true what he said, it makes perfect sense to me what happened. That actually helps a lot. Thank you, and this can be solved now.

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