[Solved] Inserting a Textbox before Chapter begins [FE7]

Alright so I was trying to add a textbox with a black background before the chapter loaded and everything I have been attempting, does not seem to work.

I have tried this for one:

TEXTCG 0x800

Unfortunately, my events just kept playing as the text was scrolling along, so that didn’t work.

Then I tried this:

TEX6 0x1 [7,5] 0x800
Basically the same thing happened again…

I really don’t know what to do at this point, so I need some help.


Try this. I’m assuming this is for World Map style narration without actually using the world map? I did something similar once

ASMC 0x7A95D
BACG Black
TEX6 0x5 [0,0] [TEXT INDEX HERE]
_ASM0x42 0x83181

You probably don’t need that FADU in there but I just copied the whole chunk out of my old events. See if this works for you.

Works like a charm! Thanks man!

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Glad it helped!

I should mention that in an old, FE7-based project, I used the “world map events” to display stuff before the chapter title even though I didn’t actually bother with any of the world map stuff (I just used a CG with text on top of it).

After the EventPointerTable stuff, put WorldMapPointerTable(0x01,WorldMapEvents) (if it isn’t the prologue, change the 0x01 to whatever is the chapter’s world map events slot) and the events in WorldMapEvents will play before the chapter title (e.g. “Prologue: A Girl from the Plains”) shows up and the Opening_event plays.